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Soulmates, Predictions, and Fear Oh My!

I got an email from a gal who was very concerned because a psychic had told her that her “soul mate” was in Austin, TX but the girl herself lived in Hong Kong. She said to me, “Erin, I am so worried. I have a really great job here in Hong Kong that I love, I can’t easily move to Austin, TX but if I don’t, I’ll be alone the rest of my life. What can I do?”

First, fire the psychic.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ll know there are several things in this woman’s email that are wrong.

The first thing is that there are no soul mates.

You are not destined to hook up with one specific person. Partners are always attracted based on your current vibration. If you’re in a period of low self-esteem, you’re going to attract someone who takes advantage of you and makes you feel worthless.

If you’re in a vibration of sexual energy you’re going to attract someone who loves to have sex.

If you’re in a vibration of passion and power you’re going to attract someone who is a powerful mover and shaker and can help you get things done.

So instead of a soul mate, maybe they should be termed your “soul-moment.”

That’s who you will be most attracted to at this time in your life. As your vibration changes, your partnership needs change. That’s also how you fall out of vibrational harmony with a current partner. Your own vibration changes and you’re not a match anymore.

So no, there are no soul mates, and they aren’t waiting for you halfway across the planet.

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The second thing wrong with this email is the whole prediction thing.

This psychic gave this woman a near impossible task and now the woman feels like her life is falling apart because she can’t get to Texas so she can’t fulfill “the prophecy!” Oh no!

A proper and ethical psychic will tell you how to get what you desire. She won’t tell you that there is one and only one path through the maze of life and if you miss a turn you might as well sit down and cry.

A proper and ethical intuitive will tune in to several paths and options and explain what happens on each one. Then you, the client, get to decide what you want to experience most and pick the path that will lead you there.

So make sure when you consult a psychic that they are not telling you what’s going to happen but telling you how to manifest what you desire. There’s a huge difference.

The third thing wrong with this situation is the fear.

This psychic completely disempowered her client and put her in a state of fear and panic. The girl began questioning staying in the job she loves, the job that’s working for her, the job putting food on her table. She was trying to figure out how to emigrate to another country because her soulmate was waiting for her somewhere in Austin, TX. And she was afraid that if she didn’t do this immediately that she would never find love.

A proper and ethical psychic doesn’t create fear and panic in her clients. Instead, a proper psychic will empower, motivate, and inspire her clients with information that will help them get what they most desire as soon as possible.

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But it’s always up to the client to walk their own path, make their own choices, and put the fuel in their own gas tank. The intuitive can explain what the road ahead looks like, but the client still has to decide to drive it.

I hope this article will help anyone who has ever received a reading like this woman got. Psychics are like park rangers, telling you what you can expect on each trail, but not deciding for you which trail to walk. Psychics can tell you how to prepare for the path, but you still have to buy the supplies and pack them.

If you want to know what your options are and what your vibration is currently attracting, you can book a reading with me and we’ll look together. 🙂

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