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Can you share some of your more interesting readings?

Question: Can you share some of your more interesting readings? Do you ever help the police solve crimes? Have you ever read for a celebrity or a politician? – Jackie Answer: To date I’ve done more than 2,000 readings for my clients, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of interesting readings. Due to confidentiality, I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics of readings I’ve done, but I can share the generalities. One of the more intense readings I’ve done was for a client who said, as soon as we got on the phone, “You’ve got 30 minutes to

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Can a picture really steal your soul?

Question: Is it true that if someone takes a photo of you that they are stealing a part of your soul? I know several cultures believe this, but it seems so silly. I was just wondering. Answer: While this may seem like a silly question, there is actually some truth to the notion that a photo can capture your soul. But probably not in the way these cultures are thinking. At all times a person is broadcasting his energy. An intuitive person who knows how to tune in to another person’s broadcast can get information about the person. Energy contains

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