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Can you share some of your more interesting readings?

Question: Can you share some of your more interesting readings? Do you ever help the police solve crimes? Have you ever read for a celebrity or a politician? – Jackie

Answer: To date I’ve done more than 2,000 readings for my clients, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of interesting readings. Due to confidentiality, I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics of readings I’ve done, but I can share the generalities.

One of the more intense readings I’ve done was for a client who said, as soon as we got on the phone, “You’ve got 30 minutes to convince me not to kill the local priest. Go.” I’m happy to report his guides were successful in helping him see why that was a bad idea. I go into every call without judgment, and I trust the guides will tell my client what they most need to know. That day that client heard what he needed to hear, and found another way to deal with a very emotionally charged situation.

One of the more novel readings I’ve done was for a man who wanted to interview a deceased person for a biography he was writing about that person. I really wasn’t sure I could do it. So I had to have the client ask questions only he knew the answer to so we could be sure I was properly connected to the real personality. Once we did that, he went ahead and asked the dead person to answer some questions for the biography. It was unreal, but enough validation came through for us both to trust the information that was coming through.

I read for people who are on the verge of suicide. Those calls have a certain urgency to them. I’ve had clients tell me that I’m the last phone call they will make before they end their lives. No pressure, right? But one really stands out for me. A gal called me from Asia. She was very matter of fact when she said, “This Friday I will end my life. I’ve made arrangements in my will and left money for my family to contact you when I’m gone. I just wanted to make you aware of this so when they contact you, you will know it’s for me.” I was really taken aback. No one has ever come to me so determined before. Definitely my most difficult case. I spent several sessions with that client helping her to understand that her life had value and getting her to talk to her family now while she was alive instead of later after death.

As for celebrities… I’ve read for some well known people. Authors, personal development experts, people on tv shows, CEOs, millionaires, and politicians. One of the more interesting readings was for the drummer of a well known rock band. He even asked me out on a date before the call was over. However there were certain things that came up in his reading that made me extremely reticent to even meet him in person.

People ask me if I’ve ever considered using my intuitive abilities to help the police find missing people. Yes! In fact, I have done this several times. I’m just sworn to secrecy and not allowed to discuss the details. The police apparently don’t like it if the public knows that they sometimes use psychics to solve cases. I have been successful to varying degrees in all the cases I’ve been consulted on. I have found dead bodies from hundreds of miles away, and helped detectives piece together a crime scene without ever stepping foot in the same city where the crime was committed. I’ve also helped the FBI piece together intel and help convict criminals in two very high profile cases. I’d love to do more of this work, but it’s hard to get into. Usually it’s the family that approaches me, not the authorities. It’s extremely rewarding though.

So there you have it. Just a day in the life of your average intuitive counselor. One of the reasons I now train others to become professional intuitives is because of all the good I know we can put into the world. If you are an intuitive, don’t be afraid of your abilities. Embrace them. Train yourself or train with me. Help others. It’s awesome!

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