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Can a picture really steal your soul?

Question: Is it true that if someone takes a photo of you that they are stealing a part of your soul? I know several cultures believe this, but it seems so silly. I was just wondering.

Answer: While this may seem like a silly question, there is actually some truth to the notion that a photo can capture your soul. But probably not in the way these cultures are thinking.

At all times a person is broadcasting his energy. An intuitive person who knows how to tune in to another person’s broadcast can get information about the person. Energy contains information, and if you can receive it and translate it, you can know things about a person that they’ve never conveyed to you with word or deed.

When you take a picture of someone, you are taking a snapshot of their energy. A photo can be used as a tuning guide. It’s like someone saying, “This guy broadcasts on channel 101.7.” When I look at a photo, if I purposely open myself up to it, I can instantly receive a download of information about the person. Some of the information I can get from a photo includes financial situation, whether they are single or in a relationship, their level of self esteem, their connection to humanity, how well they express themselves to others, their level of connection with their own intuition, and how connected they feel to Source. And that’s just in the first 5 minutes. After that, I can use the energy in the photo to connect with their life story, so I can pick up details about their career field, accidents they had as a child, what kind of parental energy they were raised with, whether they are considering a career move and to what career, what their fears and worries are, what they struggle with, etc. Then I can tune in to their spirit guides to find out what they most need to know to help them on their path. That’s pretty much what happens when I do my intuitive readings.

So I would say that while a photo cannot capture your soul in the sense that you then no longer have a soul, a photo can capture your energy and transmit information about you to others. This is one way that a psychic detective can intuit the perpetrator of a crime by looking at mug shots of previous offenders, or by looking at photos of suspects.

So beware the camera if you are hiding something. A photo locks in your frequency and an intuitive can use it discern information about you. This doesn’t mean an intuitive can determine your deepest, darkest secret just from a photo. Things you shield and keep hidden will remain hidden. A photo is a window to your soul, but not a wide open door.

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