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The Importance of Loving Connections

At the Conscious Growth Workshop I recently attended, Steve spent some time discussing the principle of Love, which in his paradigm relates to positive and negative connections between you and other people, places, and things. So in this paradigm, anything and everything in your environment affects you, some positively and some negatively. He talked about ways to reduce the negative energies and pull in more of the positive energies. Immediately I was struck by how important it is to surround ourselves with the people, places, and things that make us feel good, and to try to remove as much of

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What To Do When Your Paths Diverge

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship that started out fantastic only to fizzle a couple of years (or decades) later? What happened to the dream? The plan? The goal? Did you wake up one day and realize that the two of you had incompatible goals? What did you do about it? Did you give up your own goals so that you could keep walking the same path together? Did you break up? Or did you just argue about it, feeling a ripping sensation as the fabric of your relationship got torn asunder? I’ve done countless readings for people

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Do spirit guides arrange relationships?

Question:  Do my spirit guides select a person for me to fall in love with?  If so, do they have to get some type of agreement from her spirit guides?  And how do they make sure we find each other? Answer:  I believe spirit guides do play a role in many relationship meetings, but not all of them.  If your spirit guides have determined there is a good match for you they will discuss it with that person’s guides to see if the arrangement is suitable to that person’s goals and life plan as well.  If an agreement is reached

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