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Do spirit guides arrange relationships?

Question:  Do my spirit guides select a person for me to fall in love with?  If so, do they have to get some type of agreement from her spirit guides?  And how do they make sure we find each other?

Answer:  I believe spirit guides do play a role in many relationship meetings, but not all of them.  If your spirit guides have determined there is a good match for you they will discuss it with that person’s guides to see if the arrangement is suitable to that person’s goals and life plan as well.  If an agreement is reached then the fun begins.  They have to find ways of getting you two together.

Before Steve and I met, I was a graduate student at California State University, Northridge.  Unbeknownst to me, Steve was also attending CSUN on his way to getting his Bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Math.  I was in the Psychology program so the odds of us meeting in a classroom were pretty slim.  Except, there was this one class: Human and Computer Interaction.  I was in the Human Factors graduate program and this was a class that taught us how to design interfaces to be user friendly and intuitive.  I signed up for the class, although my area of specialty was aeronautics, not computers.  At the same time, Steve signed up for the class, probably as an elective.  Same class, same teacher, same time.  At the last minute, though, I cancelled out of that class to take something else that had opened up.  We found out later that we would have been in the same class, probably would have met, and maybe even found ourselves on the same team to do a group assignment.  Who knows?

Were the guides thwarted in their efforts to get us together?  Yep.  So a new arrangement was made.  I was a member of an online local BBS.  An acquaintance of mine, named Adam, was also on the board.  He was a Computer Science major at CSUN too and had met Steve there.  He convinced Steve to log on and create an account.  Steve’s handle was Savage (a name he chose quickly when he looked up and saw his Savage Empire game poster on his wall).  Meanwhile, I had just finished reading a romance novel where the main character’s name was Adam Savage.  So when I saw this guy named Savage log on, I sent him a quick private message and simply said, “I just read a book about you.”  Steve was intrigued, a dialogue followed, a meeting took place, and the rest is history.

Do I believe we were destined to meet?  I absolutely do.  I believe the guides work behind the scenes to help you meet people that will be important for your life plan.  Not just intimate relationships, but business relationships too.  Can you miss out on an arranged meeting?  Yes, you absolutely can!  Free will trumps all, as I’ve said many times.  I could have decided I wanted nothing to do with a guy whose handle was so dark (Savage? Lordy, he must be like a serial rapist or something), but the romance novel predisposed me to thinking he was some knight in shining armor.

So what should you do?  Look at everyone in a room and try to see if there is a light above their head or a spark coming off their aura?  I wouldn’t spend too much time peering into everyone’s soul and thinking, “Is this who I’m supposed to meet?  Or is that who I’m supposed to meet?”  It will either click for you or it won’t.  If you feel a strong attraction to someone or a strong feeling like you’re supposed to connect with someone, give it a shot.  Approach them.  Make small talk.  See what happens.  They might feel the same connection you do.  Just don’t block your intuition on this.  I’m sure it takes a lot of effort for the guides to arrange chance meetings, so be open for synchronicities (such as the romance novel character and Steve’s handle was for me).

What happens if you miss out on meeting someone you were supposed to meet?  Your guides will find another way to help you with your life plan, so don’t worry.  Their job is to help you.  But it helps them if you can develop your intuition and be open for those synchronistic meetings.

I have found that when I feel a strong desire to interact with someone, there is usually a reason.  Something is shared, something is learned, something is passed on.  So pay attention.  The girl in front of you in line at the grocery store could be your future wife.

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