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Is God a Personal Being or Abstract Energy?

Someone asked me this the other day. “Erin, do you see God as a personal being that you can communicate with one-on-one like any other spirit in the ether, or do you see Source/God as an abstract conscious energy that is just there but not personally available for discussion?” I thought that was a great question. I believe there is a conscious energy out there that is extremely expansive. When I tune in to it, I feel like I’m touching on just a tiny part of it from my third density position, and that it’s actually so far beyond my

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But Where’s the Love?

In 10th grade when I was just 15 or 16 years old I got a psychic reading from Char, a wonderful and gifted psychic who appeared on all the tv and radio programs in the day.  I’ve written about the reading she gave me in another blog entry.  After my meeting with her, though, she gave me the name of the woman who mentored her and taught her how to develop and use her psychic gifts.  She did this because she told me she could see me becoming a professional psychic one day and also because I expressed a deep

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