Do Our Pets Hover After Death? – Video

Erin Pavlina's Ask Me Anything Series - Video #1

Today I’m launching a video series on YouTube where I answer reader questions.

Please watch the video.

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In this episode I answer the following questions:

  • Will Source absorb us one day and will our consciousness end?
  • If I decide to follow a path that is different from my original intention for this life, will I come back again in a future life to fulfill the original intention? 
  • What preparations are you making now for when you cross over – a list of people to meet and things to do perhaps? And how will you make sure you remember to do them when it happens?
  • For all the troubled people in this world (killers, rapists, stalkers, pedos, narcissists, etc.), why aren’t their spirit guides helping them move to a better path? Is it because the bad people are just ignoring anything and everything from their spirit guides or have the spirit guides given up?
  • Do our pets stay with us after they have died?

Thank you to everyone who has submitted questions so far. There is still time to add questions if you’d like to submit something.

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