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Unconditional Love

Several years ago I attended a Tony Robbins seminar with my husband. It was a wonderful experience and Tony is an amazing speaker. If you ever get a chance to hear him live, take it!

During one of the segments Tony was attempting to teach us how to change our emotional states at will. His philosophy is that we can feel any way we want simply by changing our state and our physiology. First he got us into a state where we felt unconditional love. It was fairly easy to achieve this state. Next he asked us to turn around and connect with someone else in the audience and feel unconditional love for them.

When I turned my head behind me I immediately connected with a man a few rows back. The expression on his face was totally and utterly loving and I simply melted inside. A huge feeling of love washed over me and filled my entire body to the point where I literally felt like I would burst from the energy. I gazed at him with unconditional love as well and his face softened even more and became more loving. I was totally and utterly “in love” with this man, a total stranger. Besides my husband, I’ve never had someone else look at me like that. We were just two beings, existing in space, and it was like no one else was in the room.

After a few moments I realized someone else was attempting to connect with me. Tony said it didn’t matter if the person who you were looking at was looking back at you (that kind of coordination in a room full of 2000 people would have been difficult to say the least) but I didn’t want to break my gaze from this man that I was “loving.” But I opened my heart to this woman and could feel her energy going into me as well, even though I couldn’t see her face because I was looking at someone else’s.

I can’t properly describe what an amazing and unique feeling it is to have another human being casting love energy at you so completely and so selflessly. Though I will never know that man’s name, I will never forget his face. The image of unconditional love is burned into my memory forever.

It has since occurred to me that if I could share that kind of moment with a total stranger, I could share it with anyone in my life. It only took seconds to conjure up the feeling and physiology of unconditional love. What would happen if I started looking at everyone like that man looked at me? Imagine an entire world full of people who were bursting with love energy the way I was at that Tony Robbins seminar. I believe the world would be instantly transformed.

Since that time I have changed the way I greet new people. Whether it’s the grocery store clerk, the mailman, or someone on the phone, I put as much love energy into my face and voice as I can. It’s one habit that I believe allows me to connect so quickly and easily with new people.

I encourage you to try this yourself. The next time you deal with a service person, for example, try feeling totally, unconditionally loving towards him/her, even if just for a few seconds. Let your spirit connect with his/her spirit. You will see a transformation, and your dealings with that person are more likely to be pleasant and easy.

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