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Who Protects Us From Low Vibration Astral Entities?

“If low vibration astral entities exist, why don’t they attack people constantly? Is there a being or a group of beings out there protecting us from being attacked by demons? If so, why do some people get attacked anyway? What happened to their protectors?” – Fasal There are other beings in the universe besides us – a whole plethora really. The astral plane is home to many beings of various vibrations, some high, some low. Some beings are highly conscious, like us, and some beings have low levels of consciousness and just respond to basic instincts like the way moths

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Can a medium speak to a person in a coma?

One day I was doing a reading for a client whose father was in a coma. He wanted to know if he should take his father off life support or if his father was going to wake up. When I tuned in to get the answer, I was expecting to connect with my client’s spirit guides or the spirit guides of the father in the coma. But that’s not what happened. I made direct contact with the father. The connection I made was exactly the same kind of connection I make with people who are already deceased. In other words,

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Erin Pavlina Interview with Anna Sayce

About 10 years ago I did a reading for a young woman, and her guides told her she would become a professional intuitive. At the time, she thought her guides were nuts. Fast forward a bit and you can probably guess what happened. Yep, she did in fact become a professional intuitive. Anna recently interviewed me and posted the interview on her site. Check out the interview to learn more about how I became a professional intuitive, what scares me about being psychic, and a little more on astral projection. Erin’s Interview with Anna Enjoy!

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8 Lucid Dreaming Pointers

My son, Kyle, who is currently 13 years old, has begun experimenting with lucid dreaming. As I help him learn how to lucid dream better and teach him what he can do with it, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the pointers I’ve been giving him. First, it always surprises me when people write to tell me that lucid dreaming isn’t real, that it can’t possibly exist, and that science says it’s impossible so it must be. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware that are you dreaming while you are dreaming. It is

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Dreams of Astral Projection are Not Astral Projection

People write me often telling me about their astral projection experiences. But half the stories I hear are not astral projection experiences; they are lucid dreams that involve flying, and people mistakenly believe that if they are flying around and conscious then it must be an astral experience. But that is not so. Let me explain how you can tell if you’re having an astral experience or simply dreaming that you are astral. In a true astral projection you will wake up first, in your bed or where ever you are sleeping. You will likely be in a state of

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