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Erin Pavlina

5 Decisions That Can Ruin Your Life

As an intuitive counselor, I’ve done readings for thousands of people, all of whom desire to shift their lives onto a new path that will make them happy. When I tune in, my client’s spirit guides will tell me what my client most needs to know to have a life that fulfills and excites them. From the readings I’ve done, I’ve been able to determine where people generally go wrong. I can see the decisions people have made that led them down a road that resulted in sadness, pain, and feeling trapped. Heed the advice from the other side… do

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Do Spirit Guides Do Bad Things to Teach us Lessons?

“Do our spirit guides or the universe ever do bad things to us to teach us a lesson? I have always been really good at attracting money into my life, but last year everything just started falling apart and now I’m struggling to pay my bills. I feel like the universe or my guides slapped me down in order to teach me humility. Is that possible?” – Marsha This will probably come as a shock to many people, especially if you carry the common new age belief that life is a school and we are here to learn and grow

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