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Erin Pavlina

5 Decisions That Can Ruin Your Life

As an intuitive counselor, I’ve done readings for thousands of people, all of whom desire to shift their lives onto a new path that will make them happy. When I tune in, my client’s spirit guides will tell me what my client most needs to know to have a life that fulfills and excites them. From the readings I’ve done, I’ve been able to determine where people generally go wrong. I can see the decisions people have made that led them down a road that resulted in sadness, pain, and feeling trapped. Heed the advice from the other side… do

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Do Spirit Guides Do Bad Things to Teach us Lessons?

“Do our spirit guides or the universe ever do bad things to us to teach us a lesson? I have always been really good at attracting money into my life, but last year everything just started falling apart and now I’m struggling to pay my bills. I feel like the universe or my guides slapped me down in order to teach me humility. Is that possible?” – Marsha This will probably come as a shock to many people, especially if you carry the common new age belief that life is a school and we are here to learn and grow

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A Great Tool for Business Success

This blog post is specifically for people who want to start their own business or who want to increase the success of their current business. If that’s not you, you can safely move on. If that does describe you though, read on! A few years ago I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School online training program. It’s an 8-week online course designed to help you succeed at running your own business. I achieved really tangible results from B-School, including: Doubling my income in one year Increasing my traffic by 60% in one year Increasing the conversion rate on my sales page

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