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Always Listen to Your Intuition

About a year ago I learned a valuable lesson: to always listen to my intuition. One afternoon while my daughter was at school and my baby was napping I was home baking a chocolate cake. While the cake was baking I ran into Steve who was taking a break from work. A few minutes later we were naked, in bed, and having a lovely time. The timer for the cake went off and I told Steve I would be back in just a minute. We reluctantly parted. My intuition decided at that moment to assert itself:

Intuition: Put on a robe before you go downstairs.

Me: Why? I’m just gonna pop down for a second and no one is gonna see me.

Intuition: Just put on the robe.

Me: No, seriously, I’ll just be a second. Thanks for the advice but I think you’re overreacting a little.

Intuition: But what if the gardener or pool guy comes?

Me: Oh come on… what are the odds they’re gonna come during the 30 seconds I am taking a cake out of the oven?

Intuition: Oh… let’s just say I have a feeling…

Me: Oh, you and your feelings. Honestly… you need therapy.

Intuition: Hmph. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Bye now.

So I went downstairs and took the cake out of the oven. I put the cake on the cooling rack and was just about to go upstairs when I spied some Veggie Booty (like potato chips) sitting within easy reach of my hunger. I started snacking on booty from the bag, having a gay old time eating my booty with my booty hanging out. Finally sated, I put the bag away and turned around to go upstairs. What do I see? The POOLMAN just arriving to clean the pool!! I’m BUCK NEKKID. Our eyes met for a moment and we both blushed. I ran from the room and started laughing hysterically.

My intuition was waiting for me upstairs, holding my robe, and saying, “Yeah, uh huh… who needs therapy now?!”

Now when my intuition tells me to do something, you better believe I listen! It’s cheaper than therapy. Trust me. When was the last time you had a conversation with yours?

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