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Ask Erin: Are ouija boards real?

Question: I’m curious to know if you believe in ouija boards.  Can they be used to connect with those who have passed on?  I know some people say they are demonic and lead to possession.  What is your opinion? – Scott

Answer: When I was about 10 years old I cajoled my mom into buying me a ouija board.  I figured it would be great for talking to spirits.  I used to sit and “play” with it and nothing ever happened.  I put it away for years.  When I was 15 and hitting the heights of my psychic abilities, I had a couple of friends who seemed to be into the ouija board and asked me to try it with them.

There were three of us.  We darkened the room, lit candles, made the room spooky and scary, the whole nine yards.  I didn’t expect anything to really happen.  We all put our fingers on the planchette (the pointer) and asked if a spirit was there.  For a few moments nothing happened and we repeated our request that a spirit attend us.  The middle of my palm started to tingle and I could feel something like static electricity in my hands.  The planchette began to move and I could feel a tugging in my palm like something invisible was pulling it.

No one was more shocked than I was!  But I really felt something.  You might be wondering if the other two girls were pushing the planchette.  We all accused each other of pushing it, but I know we weren’t.  We switched to putting just one finger each on the planchette, very lightly, there’s no way we could have moved it without someone noticing the effort.  We also experimented and discovered that the planchette only moved when I was touching it with one of the other girls and not when the other two girls touched it without me.  I refused to touch it alone because I thought a spirit could possess me if I did.

So what came through?  We were channeling a spirit who identified itself just as “T” and supposedly he was hanged in the 1800s for murder.  Stupidly, we continued to chat with this spirit.  We asked the spirit who we were going to marry, what was going to happen to us in the future, and all the lovely things teenage girls want to know.  He responded by telling us we were all going to Hell where we would burn for eternity and that he was going to kill us.  He described in great detail how he was going to torture us.  It wasn’t pretty.

That put a damper on things, believe me.  We tried to get rid of him but it was tough and he would interrupt other spirits who were talking to us and take over the planchette.  In hindsight, we should have stopped, but we didn’t.  We were too curious and we thought we could force him to tell us the truth.

Since we never got any real information we could use and it was all just posturing and poppycock from this T character, I couldn’t really say if the ouija board was “real” or not.  Until one night that I received confirmation that the ouija board really does work, and after that night, I threw my board away.  Here’s what happened.

My parents were out of town and my 17 year old brother threw a party.  One of those nice, big raging high school parties you see in the movies.  He told me and my twin sister that we could only invite a couple of friends over and that we had to stay in our rooms so we didn’t annoy the older partiers.  Yeah, whatever.  So I invited over these two friends and we went into my room and brought out the ouija board.

We were doing the usual and getting a lot of spiritual chatter, as I liked to call it.  Suddenly, three guys from the party just walked into my room, holding their beers and laughing.  They said, “Oh we didn’t know someone was in here.  Sorry.  Hey, what’s that you’re doing there?”  We told the guys we were channeling spirits and they all laughed at us.  I didn’t know any of the guys from school.  For all I knew, they didn’t even go to our school.  The party was spilling into the street and there was probably over 100 people in our house partying.

The boys mocked us and told us to prove it was real.  So we asked the board a question and the planchette was moving around all over the place.  That gave the boys pause but they thought we were pushing it.  So one guy, Frank, said, “I know!  I’ll ask a question that you couldn’t possibly know the answer to and if you get it right without me touching that pointer thing then I’ll know this is real.”  That seemed fair.  This is the question he asked, “If I had a son, what would I name him?”

The ouija board moved quickly and spelled out “Chase.”  We looked up at Frank and it was like he’d seen a ghost.  His mouth hung open and he nearly dropped his beer.  He said, “No freaking way!  No freaking way!”  His hands were shaking.  One of the other boys said, “Dude, what’s the big deal?”  Frank said, “It’s just that, well, I never told you guys this before but I actually DO have a son, and his name is Chase.”  With trembling hands he took out his wallet and pulled out a picture of a young woman (a teenager herself) holding a baby boy and on the back of the picture it said, “This is your son, Chase.  Love, Tina”

Frank was beside himself.  He said, “There’s no freaking way you guys could have known that.  I’ve never told ANYONE about my son.  I cannot freaking believe this thing is real.”

Frankly, we were pretty shocked too.  Chase isn’t that common of a name so it was unlikely we’d get it just from guessing.  Frank was so struck by the experience that he sat down on the floor with us, grabbed the board and said, “You guys do this with me.  I want to know more!”  We spent about 15 minutes doing the board with him and then we wanted to be done, but Frank just couldn’t stop.  He told his buddies to get on the floor with him and do it and they did.  No one was laughing or mocking us now.  We left them alone and went to my sister’s room for the rest of the party.

By dawn, the house was clear except for Frank and his buddies who were still doing the ouija board.  My brother found them in my room and said, “What the hell are you guys doing in here?  I thought you left the party hours ago.  No one knew where you were.  Have you been in my sister’s room this whole time?”

They didn’t even realize dawn had come!  When the boys left they looked at us like we were witches (oh how I recognized that look).  They were at once terrified and in awe of us.

But I realized something after that experience.  The ouija board does work.  I think it takes a certain energy or a certain type of person to work it.  And I also think that allowing spirits to work through your body without protecting yourself first is a really bad idea.  I decided that it was too dangerous to continue doing it and my friends agreed with me.  We stopped “playing” with the board after that experience.

So, in summary, yes I believe ouija boards can be used to have contact with the spirit realm, but I don’t think they are the best way to accomplish that connection.  You need to resonate at a very high frequency/vibration in order to attract spirits of a good nature.  Higher energy beings don’t prefer to contact people with ouija boards, but the negative, low energy spirits do, and they like to be deceitful and tricky.  Plus you need to protect yourself since you’re giving the spirit access to your physical body (at least your hands and who knows what else).  So consider yourself warned.

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