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Ask Erin: How can I speak with my deceased father?

I used to have occasional dreams about my father (deceased). In the last dream he was in a bright white room no walls, or furniture, but we were seated opposite each other at a table. He told me he wouldn’t visit me again as I couldn’t understand what he wanted to tell me. He hasn’t, and that was years ago. Why couldn’t I understand his messages? – Michelle

You probably weren’t vibrating at a high enough frequency to hear him well enough. Spirits who try to communicate with us are on a certain frequency while we are on another. While dreaming your frequency changed to the point where he could make contact with you, but probably wasn’t high enough to fully tune him in. It’s frustrating to be sure.  In order to have clear contact both people need to be on the same “channel” so to speak. If you work on raising your vibrational frequency you might be able to speak to him again. It may not be too late. Before you go to sleep invite your father to come speak with you. Say a mantra that goes something like this, “Tonight while I sleep I will raise my vibrational frequency so that I can communicate clearly with my father.” Do this every night and see what happens.

It may be too late. Some spirits move on to the point where they no longer have any contact with those of us in the corporeal world. Good luck!

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