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Ask Erin: What if I want to be evil?

What if “choosing evil” feels the most natural? I’ve done good in the past, but somehow I’d feel more true to myself if I were to do evil (I haven’t yet). Should I try to change who I am, or who I could be? This issue has been weighing on me for some time. – Evan

Steve’s response would be to try both on for size. Try being evil for 30 days and then try being good for 30 days and see which results you like best. Do both to the best of your ability.

I’d venture to say that maybe you have some habits or desires that you “consider” evil but which may actually just be selfish, greedy, or sinfully pleasurable in nature. The true definition of evil, in my opinion, is intentionally harming others because you derive pleasure from it. If your evil behavior only harms yourself then perhaps you just have vices that you want to improve upon.

If, however, you are actually evil then just embrace it. Be evil. If that’s what you want then you should be happy. But remember, it will have consequences. You will need to lower your vibration in order to do evil. You will need to send negative ripples into our reality. You will have to intentionally cause people pain, and that kind of karma comes with a high price. You will attract evil people into your life, and they probably aren’t terribly trustworthy. You will eventually suffer great personal pain if you choose to be evil. If what you plan to do is illegal, you could also spend a great deal of time in jail.

But god bless you, it’s your choice! Just be sure you’re choosing consciously. Our greatest advantage as humans is that we have free will. You have every right to be evil if you want to. But remember, the universe has every right to “reward” you in kind for your actions. Be sure that’s a gift you want to receive.

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