Invoking Jesus and God During Astral Experiences

In my previous blog entry, Ask Erin: Are Ghosts Dangerous, I mentioned that I use a visualization mantra for protection when I’m astral projecting.  It goes like this: I am surrounded by the white light of Jesus Christ, in his light I am protected and safe from harm.”

Now if you’d read my previous entry about religion, you may wonder why I use the name of Jesus Christ when I am not remotely religious.  So I want to clarify.

Once, during an astral experience, I encountered a being of really low, negative energy.  He appeared to be approximately 5’0″ tall, totally black and smoky, but with reddish eyes and sharp white teeth.  A little vampiric, but not completely.  He was hissing at me and coming at me menacingly.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  He was standing between me and my body on my bed.  He said, “Are you sure you want to go back to your body?”  I said, “Yes, God damn you!”  At the mention of the word God, he recoiled and dissipated.  I did some checking around with some of my friends and discovered that using the name of God or Jesus was very effective in defending myself against astral attacks.  I mentioned that I did not believe in God or Jesus Christ the way that religions speak of them.  I was assured that belief in them was not required for it to work.

I was at a party once and there was a psychic woman present. I discussed several of my experiences with her and she is the one who taught me the mantra I mentioned above.

See, I do believe that Jesus existed and that he was a man of exceptionally high awareness and vibration level.  He was an Enlightened One.  An angelic being of the highest order.  There is no doubt in my mind why he chose to incarnate on Earth.  Calling upon his energy and protection doesn’t seem remotely religious to me.  It’s spiritual.  Same with God.  When I call out to God I am calling out to Source.

I believe the same mantra would work if I called upon the Light of Krishna or some other Enlightened One.  If you are experimenting with all of this and find yourself face to face with a dark energy being, try invoking God, Goddess, Jesus, Krishna, etc.  See how you fare.

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