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The After-Death

What happens to us when we die?  I think every human being wonders this.  It’s the great unknown, this final frontier.  We’ve all heard stories from people who crossed over and came back.  The details differ a little bit, but the essence is the same: the soul leaves the body and exists outside of it.  But how do we know if there really is life after death?  What if these people simply weren’t “dead” long enough to find out.

There’s no way to know for sure what happens after we die.  All we have is faith and belief.  And for some of us, memories.

A few months ago I dreamed that I died.  I dream this a lot.  No matter what the circumstances of the dream, though, when I die I am always greeted by another soul, usually a wiser one than myself. In this particular dream, this soul appeared to be wearing white robes, was male, and had the obligatory grey beard and mustache and long hair.  I was with a group of other souls who had recently crossed over and each one spoke briefly to this man and then went on to another area I could not see.  When it was my turn to speak with him, he welcomed me and asked if I would like to go on or simply cease to exist.  This surprised me.  Here is how our conversation ensued.

Me:  You mean I get to choose?

Him:  Yes.  You may choose for your spirit to continue on and take the next step in your evolution or you may choose to let your spirit dissipate and become part of the ether again.

Me:  Wow, I always believed our souls continue on in the afterlife.  I know so many people who think that when you die you just disappear; that there is no afterlife at all.

Him:  Yes, it’s a choice. 

Me:  Well then who would choose to just disappear entirely?  If there is the chance of continuing to exist, why would anyone choose to disappear altogether?

Him:  Fear, pain, lack of belief.  Many people simply aren’t that interested in evolving.  They find life too difficult and don’t want to try again.  There is no shame in letting your essence merge back with the ether.

Me:  I never considered that.  I very much want to continue on, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to just disappear completely.  I guess I’ll never know.

Him:  Actually, if you’d like, I can allow you to experience both choices and then you can decide.

Me:  Oh.  Wow.  Okay, sure.  I’d like to know the difference, I guess.

Him:  Very well.  This is how it will feel if you choose to merge your essence back into the ether and no longer evolve. 

He waved his hand over me and I felt myself disappearing.  It was unlike any experience I have EVER had.  I could feel my SELF just fading away.  All of my consciousness.  It was not like becoming unconscious (I’ve experienced that before during surgery).  It was literally the sense that I was being dispersed … unraveled … forever … gone.  When there was just the tiniest of pinpricks of my energy left, I began to panic and tried to pull my essence together before it was gone forever. 

I came back gasping in shock at the experience.

Me:  No, no.  I didn’t like that at all.  That was horrible.  I never want to experience that again.

Him:  I knew you wouldn’t like it.  But you can imagine how if a soul is in deep pain and doesn’t desire growth, that it is a comfortable way to end one’s existence.

Me:  There was nothing comfortable about that experience.  But I’m not a soul in pain so maybe it feels differently for me.  Why don’t you just counsel people, so they want to continue to live.  Why not just show them what they have to live for?

Him:  We try.  But free will exists even here.  If people want to end their existences, they are free to do so.

Me:  Okay, well I appreciate the experience but I definitely want to go on.  Can you show me what that’s like?

Him:  Certainly.

He waved his arm over me again and this time I felt lighter and filled with energy.  It was like I was infused with a power and strength I had never felt before on Earth.  I could practically hear a chorus of angels, a vibrational humming that resonated deep within my soul.  I felt like I was coming home.  I wanted to embrace that feeling and move towards it.  I no longer felt constrained by my “body.”  I was just ethereal energy. 

But he brought me back before I could move on.

Me:  Yes, yes!  That’s what I want.  I’m certain.

Him:  I know you are, Erin.  But it’s not time for you to move on.  This is just a dream, you know.  I only wanted to give you a glimpse of the choices people have to make when they die.

Me:  But why bother?  I’ve always believed the soul goes on after death.  You had to know I would choose to continue on.

Him:  Yes, that’s true. I didn’t reveal this to you so you could choose.  I showed this to you so you could share it with others.  Many souls who come to this point believe so strongly that there is no “afterlife” that they are simply unable to grasp that they have a choice.  Before they reach me, they choose to dissipate.  They never realize they have a choice.  I want you to let people know this, so that when they die they consider both options.  Explain to people how their souls evolve, how they can live more than one life, and how beautiful it is to remain “themselves” inside the ether.  Let them know what it feels like to “go home.”

I woke from the dream instantly.

I have no idea if this dream was a sending or not. (A sending is communication from the other side).  But it felt like one to me.  I have no way of knowing if this is the real choice that faces us when we die.  I won’t know until it happens to me again. 😉

But if there is a chance … if your spirit can continue on into the “light” or whatever you want to call it … then think about it.  Next time you find yourself dead, wait and see what happens before your lack of belief in an afterlife chooses for you.

And look for me when you get there.  I’ll be the one waving you on to “home” plate. 😉

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