Ask Erin: Can you share some of your premonition experiences?

Question: I know you’ve said you’ve had dreams that came true; premonition dreams I guess.  Like the one from your grandfather. Can you share more of the dreams you’ve had that came true? – Alyssa

Answer:  Sure, I’ll share a few of the ones I can remember off the top of my head.  You’ll note that some of these dreams, although they came true exactly as I dreamed them, weren’t terribly significant.  But hey, a girl’s gotta be proud of whatever she’s got.

In junior high I dreamed that I was wearing my green and white striped favorite comfy shirt.  In gym class some girls that seemed to take delight in picking on me stole my clothes, hid them, and made me cry, begging to get them back so I wouldn’t have to leave the locker room naked.  I woke from this dream thinking it was just a regular anxiety dream.  A week or two later, I wore that shirt to school but I wasn’t thinking anything untoward was going to happen.  My mistake!  When I went back to the locker room after gym class I noticed my locker was wide open, my clothing gone, and about 8 girls were taunting me telling me I had to play the “hot and cold” game to find my clothes.  Remembering my dream, I marched out of the locker room and simply told on them.  No crying or begging from me!  This didn’t win me any points with the bullies but at least I didn’t have to go home on the bus naked or sweaty. 😉

Another strange and seemingly insignificant dream occured while I was in high school.  I had this very simple dream that I left my house, got into my car (a blue chevy nova) and started driving down the street.  In the dream I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed my trunk was up!  Couldn’t see out the back!  The next morning that very thing actually happened to me.  I got in my car, started driving, remembered my dream and glanced into the rearview mirror only to see my trunk was really up!  I pulled over and closed it.  Again, nothing significant, but very precognitive.

Now on to the more significant…

Me and one of my friends were both pregnant at the same time, but she was due 3 weeks after me.  I had my baby and was home doing well.  One night I dreamed that I was walking with my very pregnant friend through a garden.  I felt odd in this dream, not quite lucid, almost like I was an observer.  As we were walking she said, “Watch out for the snake.  It might bite your ankle.”  A snake jumped out at us and nipped at our ankles.  We then walked to a backyard barbecue party but the people there were very sad and subdued.  I felt awful and sad.  And I woke up.  That very morning I got a call from my pregnant friend.  I said, “Hey!  I had a really strange dream about you last night…”  She interrupted me to tell me she was at the hospital and her baby had died during the night, in utero.  They had to induce her and she had her baby; stillborn.  Cause of death… umbilical cord wrapped tightly around the baby’s ankle.  Cut off the circulation to the placenta.  It was devastating for her and her family.  They had the funeral at their home, in their backyard.

One evening my grandmother came to me in a dream and told me she was ready to move on into the next life.  In the dream I saw her die.  I told everyone in my family about this dream.  The next day someone in my extended family DID die but it wasn’t my grandmother.  Everyone thought this was related.  But I told them, “no, it was definitely grandma that died in my dream.”  Still people were impressed.  Two days later my grandmother did die, very unexpectedly, after receiving a totally clean bill of health from her doctors.  I guess she was the one to decide when she would go.  But I thanked her for the advance warning.

Another evening I dreamed that Steve and I were driving up a hill and we saw a car accident.  We drove over some of the wreckage but something got kicked up, flew into the air, and bashed through our windshield.  In the dream, the glass just flew everywhere and cut into our arms and faces.  The next morning my mother called to tell me that she and my father had been driving home from a wedding that previous night, were passing an accident, and a flare from the accident kicked up and flew into their windshield, shattering it.  My mom had glass cuts all over her arms (but thankfully not her face).  We backtracked the time and realized I was having my dream around the same time she was having her accident.

That’s just a sample of the dreams I’ve had which have come to pass.  Often the precognitive dreams feel different to me than a regular dream.  I take note of them and watch for them to happen. It’s not always pleasant news, but a little warning does take some of the sting out of them.

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