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The Intuitive Readings: An Update

I’ve done 136 intuitive readings in the past 7 weeks and I’ve really learned a lot.  Here’s an update on how that’s all going.

You’re all spiritually above average

I have been so happy to discover that everyone I’ve done readings for has been what I think of as above average spiritually.  And what I mean by that is really that you’re all at a much higher state of awareness than the average person.  I’m sure this is because people who read Steve’s and my blog are already pretty intelligent and bright, but I’ve been thrilled to see that all of you really understand so much already.  And I’ve run across many of you who are extremely aware and spiritually on the right path, and I’ve very much enjoyed reading for you.

The higher the awareness, the better the reading

One thing I discovered that I wasn’t expecting is that readings I’ve done with people who are more psychically advanced have been the best in terms of accuracy and the amount of information that comes through.  I’ve read for a few people who consider themselves psychics and I have to say that the results were really amazing.  So I’ve realized that the higher a person’s awareness is and the higher their vibration, the better the reading.  In a future blog entry I’m going to share a few tips for increasing your vibration before a reading because I really think it will help you get a richer reading.

Just because you know it doesn’t mean I know it

Sometimes when I’ve done a reading I tell the sitter (client) something they already know and they respond, “Yeah, I already know that.”  But you have to understand that I didn’t know it until I got it from your higher self, spirit guides, or your Aunt Jenny.  I tell you things you already know as validation that I am indeed connected to your “people.”  So please bear with me, because after I tell you what you already know then I can tell you what they want you to know.  And sometimes telling you what you already know is important because it provides confirmation that you are on the right track.

Some of you have some really interesting futures ahead of you

Another thing I wasn’t expecting was to get so excited about some of the futures I’m seeing for some of you.  I’ve done many readings for people who are getting ready to start a new business that will really help shift this planet into a higher state of awareness, compassion, love, peace, etc.  I have to admit that some of these ideas you guys have had are really exciting to me.  So if I’ve read for you and you’re one of these people, please keep in touch with me and let me know how it’s going.  I might need to get my hands on you one day. 😉

My obligation to tell you what they tell me

There have been some readings where someone will ask me a question and the answer the spirits give me is something I know is going to upset the person (“When will my mother pass?” “Am I going to be out of debt in the next 5 years?” “I put $6,000 into the stock market, will I get it back with interest?” etc.)  At first it was really hard for me to give the answers the spirits gave me, but I realized I had an obligation to pass on the information I was given.  I also discovered that the spirits won’t answer any other questions until I convey the answer they’ve already given me. 

If you are brave enough to ask the question, be brave enough to hear the answer

Related to the previous insight, some people ask me if they should marry their fiance!  Oh man.  Nothing fills me with more anxiety than when someone asks me that.  Ask about your boyfriend or girlfriend, ask if you should stay married, but please don’t ask me if you should marry your fiance!  On the occasions where the spirits have told me “NO!” in as loud a way as they can, I then have to explain to a possible Bridezilla why her Romeo ain’t all that. 😉

Don’t kill the messenger

Related to the previous insight… I’m just a messenger.  I am not emotionally attached to anything you ask me or that they tell you, except as an interested observer.  If the spirits tell me you’re in a toxic relationship with your boyfriend, I have an obligation (see above) to tell you what they say.  Please don’t hurt me, I break easily.  Let me just say that there have been times when I’ve been very glad that it was a phone reading and not an in-person reading.  I promise you I have no agenda to break you and your boyfriend up, and I have no control over the stock market, or when your mother-in-law will “finally” pass. 

You already know what you should be doing

I’ve had a lot of readings where I’ve passed on a message that was a little negative only to hear my sitter say, “Yeah, I kinda knew that was coming.  I guess I already knew what you were going to say but I’m glad to have the confirmation anyway.”  Part of my job is to help you move forward on your path, not to pat your head and give you platitudes.  And I really appreciate that nearly all of you have understood that.

My connection has improved

In the beginning I was getting mostly metaphors and now I’m finding that my connection is better and I’m able to get straight information on a question.  I still like the metaphors because they are able to convey so much in one shot, but being able to just hear the answers saves time too.  In some cases, what I thought was a metaphor was not.  For example I described a room to someone and she said, “Actually you just described the exact layout of the room I’m sitting in as we speak, right down to the decorations and the big screen tv.”  And I’m thinking, “Oh.  Thought it was a metaphor…”  In another reading I described something as a metaphor that had actually occured to her the day before.  And it was odd too. 😉

I don’t know what you had for breakfast or what color shirt you’re wearing

Some people want validation that my abilities are real and I totally understand that.  But I cannot tell you how many fingers you’re holding behind your back or what you ate at your wedding.  I’m not a mind reader, I’m a conduit.  How come the spirit guides won’t tell me the answers?  I don’t know.  Perhaps because it’s trivial to them.  With the limited amount of time we have I think they just want to get to the thing that’s giving you the most trouble.  I wish they would tell me what you had for breakfast.  Now there’s a useful talent that I’m sure would take me far in life. 😉

I see dead people … sometimes

Connecting with deceased friends and relatives has been challenging for me, but it does happen upon occasion.  What happens is that right before a reading I will start feeling this psychic nudge.  When I tune into it I will hear someone giving me information.  In one case a deceased grandmother told me to ask about the couple’s wedding jewelry.  She told me it was her ring but not her ring.  And I’m thinking, “Oh man, that’s strange.  I really hope they understand what you’re saying.”  So I mentioned it to the couple and they knew exactly what it meant.  I was told that the wife liked the grandmother’s ring so much that she had a replica made and wore it on the day of her wedding.  Big hit there.  Grandma was proud and excited.  In another case I heard the name David over and over and wrote it down and he was also going on about golf and showed me a black cane he carried.  My sitter told me his grandfather’s name was David, his parents were avid golfers, and that his grandfather did indeed carry a black cane.  Once that connection is established I can then speak clearly with the deceased.  But what I’ve discovered is that sometimes I can feel a deceased person near me during a reading but I can’t quite tune them in.  I think this skill will improve over time and I’m going to work on this skill a lot in the coming weeks.

You can’t please everyone

I’ve done readings where the sitter was so attached to a specific outcome that when I told them it wasn’t going to happen and why, they simply can’t accept it.  Some have called me liars.  Refer to my above point about not being emotionally attached to your outcomes.  Sometimes when the information comes through me I am hearing it as I speak it, so it’s news to me too.  I am sorry that sometimes I have to pass on bad news but I dislike it when people accuse me of lying, making something up, or just trying to upset them.  Believe me, I have better things to do.  In other cases, people ask me how they can make a ton of money and their spirit guides will tell them that it’s not about the money, it’s about service to others.  Please listen to what your guides tell you.  You don’t have to do what they say, but at least hear them out.

I’m loving it!

I am feeling truly blessed to be able to do this work.  Connecting with high awareness, spiritually advanced people is like fuel for my soul.  You’re all beautiful people with beautiful souls and I am happy to know you.  I’ve been putting my other businesses on the back burner to handle all the reading requests I’ve gotten, and I’m happy to continue doing so.  So keep the requests coming!  I am especially good at helping you decide your next step in life.  If you are stuck or undecided about something, I’m your man!  Er, woman!  Yesterday I did an in-person reading and when I stepped into the person’s house I had to resist the urge to say, “Never fear, your psychic is here!”  Okay, okay… I didn’t actually resist the urge, but I was able to prevent myself from waving my fist in the air and pounding my chest.  Just barely… 😉

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