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More Quick Questions and Answers

I forgot to answer a few great questions people sent in about the readings.  So let me do that now while we’re all still on the same page.

Should we ask about the future?

Yes, by all means, an intuitive reading is all about getting guidance to help you make decisions about your future.  But always remember that any psychic is reading the energy as it stands when you ask the question, and you are free to change your future as you like.  Forewarned is forearmed as they say.  A famous psychic once told me that I would go camping but it would be really rough.  So one day, out of the blue, two of my friends called and said their third had dropped out and they wanted me to go camping with them.  I remembered what she said and I told them no, even though I did want to try camping.  As it turns out they got lost in the mountains, one of them was injured, and the other had to go find help.  It was really rough and I’m glad I wasn’t there.

If I’m having a bad day when you do my reading, will that affect the outcome?

Mainly I’m speaking to your guides and higher self, who are usually not having a bad day. 😉  I’m getting the information from them so you’re safe in that regard.  However, my ability to tune in to your guides and get a strong connection is somewhat dependent on your energy (I’m finding).  So that’s why I suggest doing a nice little meditation before a reading so we’re all vibrating at a high frequency.

Are all your email readings the same length or do they vary by how strong the connection is?

All of the email readings differ in length.  It all depends on the type of questions you ask and how much information your guides want to share with me.  Some are definitely more lengthy than others.  I just keep going until the information is complete.  Sometimes the guides really want to tell my sitters something they didn’t ask about, so in those cases I always add information after I answer the original questions.

Can you see people’s futures even if they don’t ask for it?

Sometimes I will get a tidbit of information about something that my sitter has not asked me about.  Whenever I get information I do convey it.  The only exception to this is that on rare occasions someone will ask a question and the answer is that the guides want them to figure it out for themselves; telling the sitter would totally negate the lesson they are supposed to have.  In those cases, I do not tell my sitter what the guides have shown me, at the direct request of the guides themselves.  But I do guide the sitter and give them as much information about what’s coming up as I can.

If you have more questions, please send them along.  Tomorrow’s post is going to be a little something different…

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