Spooky Seance

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Las Vegas Paranormal Conference.  This was my first such conference and I was excited to meet people in the ghost and paranormal industry.  But it was a small conference, no more than 70 people or so.  I attended the mixer and met some interesting people while sipping on my pineapple juice.

The Las Vegas Paranormal Investigator team was there and we had a great chat about ghost hunting and my experience filming an episode of the Criss Angel show.  I told them I wanted to go on a ghost hunt with them the next time they went out.  We’ll see what happens. 

Later that evening, Chris Fleming was scheduled to do a seance.  I hadn’t been to a seance in about 15 years so I was anxious and excited to go to another one.  I wondered if I would pick up on any of the spirits present.  I introduced myself to Chris during the party and I asked him all sorts of questions about his process and how he connects with the deceased.  He was a little vague and I thought his answers were a little odd.  They didn’t make any sense to me.  Once I told him I was a medium myself I noticed he got anxious and actually started backing away from me.  Chris has his own weekly television show on the Biography channel called Dead Famous.  I wasn’t sure what to make of Chris but I decided to see how the seance went before I drew any conclusions about this young man.

When it came time to do the seance the room was set up with three concentric circles so that everyone could participate and see.  Chris asked me to sit right behind him to buttress his energy while he did the seance.  He asked two other mediums to sit to his right and left to balance the energy of the people around him.  There was one young child in the room and Chris put him next to me so that I could protect him.  I took that job very seriously and put most of my energy into protecting him.  Children are more susceptible to psychic energy and Chris told me that untoward things have happened to children during his seances.

Chris set up a voice recorder so that later he could see if it picked up any spirit voices.  The members of the paranormal investigator team were positioned to take video and photographs throughout the seance.  Chris cleared the area with sage and got to work. 

The first thing that happened to Chris was that he seemed to get possessed by a spirit.  I’ve never witnessed anything like that and honestly I didn’t believe he was possessed.  But what do I know?  He blurted out a message but no one claimed it.  Next he mentioned names of deceased people and asked if anyone in the room knew who they were.  Well, once someone claimed the deceased person, Chris was unable to get any more information that made any sense to the living person.  Either he was having a really off night or he just wasn’t any good.  He mentioned probably 15-20 names of deceased people but got little to no information beyond that. 

He asked if any of the other mediums in the room were picking up on anything.  I wasn’t, but I will say that my energy was focused elsewhere and when I tried to tune in I found I couldn’t tune in to anything, which was really weird for me.  It was like someone had blindfolded me and put ear plugs in my ears.  It’s hard to explain but it felt like my radio had been muted.

Chris got “taken over” by spirits a few more times.  It was all very dramatic but I don’t think it was real.  He admitted at the end of the evening that he didn’t seem to be performing very well and he seemed annoyed with himself.  I don’t think Chris is a phony, but I don’t think he’s as good as he should be for someone who has a weekly tv show.  And there was something just a tiny bit shifty about him.

So when I say it was a spooky seance, I mean it was spooky because I expected some real results from someone of his stature and saw nothing to convince me that anything paranormal was going on.  I’ve never tried doing a seance myself so I don’t really know what’s involved.  Still, it was an interesting experience and I’m glad I went.  Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to attend something similar in the future, with different results.    


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