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Getting Paid for Spiritual Work

Question:  Like you, Erin, I am discovering that I have psychic gifts.  I want to share them with people but I am uncomfortable charging people money for a reading.  On the other hand, I’d rather do this spiritual work than slave away at a desk job.  How can I reconcile this?

Answer:  You are in the same boat as many lightworkers.  Part of Lightworker Syndrome is this feeling of guilt about being paid for this work.  After all, if this is your true spiritual mission and these gifts are from Source, then isn’t it exploitative to use them to make money?

We live on a planet where the primary currency is money.  It is an agreed upon system that when we provide value for someone, they give us value in return.  If food, shelter, and clothing were free, perhaps we wouldn’t need to charge for our services.  But they aren’t.  At least not where I live. 😉 

You don’t have to charge for your spiritual services.  You could ask for donations.  Or, you could charge for your services, but still offer to do free readings anytime or with any one you feel really needs it and can’t afford it.  Or you could choose to do this work at no charge at all.  It all depends on your goals, mission, and purpose. 

One way you might want to look at it is this:  If you don’t charge for your spiritual services, you will have to “slave away at a desk job” as you say.  How does that serve the greater good?  How many people could you help if you quit your day job and started providing spiritual counseling for people?  From that perspective, don’t you owe it to yourself, to others, and to Source to spend your time using your gifts as much as possible?  Aren’t you, in fact, denying your responsibility by only offering your services part time because you have to go out and make a living working somewhere unfulfilling?

Another option for you is to provide free advice for everyone who wants it (such as through lectures or workshops or even a blog), but also do private readings for those who would like your special attention.  After all, you’re not twisting someone’s arm to pay you for a reading.  In that manner, you’re still offering some of your talents and gifts for free so everyone can benefit, but you are also allowing people to value your service by gifting you with money for a reading. 

If you give and give and give and allow nobody to give back to you, you are interrupting the natural flow.  People value what they pay for.  Allow them to give value back to you, in some way, shape or form.  In the old days, doctors were paid with chickens and apple pie.  Nothing wrong with that.  You could trade services with people.

The bottom line is this.  If you are holding back your gifts because you don’t want to charge for them it’s not really serving you, the planet, or the people you could be helping.

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