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A Spiritual Perspective on Homosexuality

Recently someone on our forums asked this question:  “Where does homosexuality fit into the existence and higher self of those who are homosexual?”  I think some people wonder how the higher realms view homosexuality.  Here is my understanding.

Where there is love, there is Source.

Where there is shame and guilt, there is low vibration.

Where there is control, power, or fear, there is ego.

Just as a man and woman can be engaged in sexual unions that are loving or that are abusive/controlling, so too can two men or two women engage in sexual unions that are loving or that are abusive/controlling.

Do people choose to incarnate knowing they will be homosexual?  Yes.  Do people choose to incarnate not knowing they will be homosexual and later choose a homosexual lifestyle?  Yes.  Do people choose to incarnate believing they will be heterosexual but end up engaging in acts of homosexuality or bisexuality due to earthly influences or an overactive root chakra?  Yes, absolutely.

There is nothing spiritually or physically wrong with a person who is homosexual in orientation.  

As long as there is love and mutual consent and no one is being coerced, controlled, forced, or abused, there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing love in a homosexual manner.

Remember, our higher selves are, in fact, gender neutral.  They appear to be gender-specific only once we incarnate.  Appreciating the physical charms or physical attributes of a human being is normal.  I know men who can appreciate the quality of Brad Pitt’s rear end and not consider themselves homosexual.  And I know a lot of women who appreciate Angelina Jolie’s attributes, yet they’re comfortably heterosexual.

The spiritual lesson behind homosexuality is how we all react to its existence.  If you react negatively to someone’s sexual orientation, why is that?  Why do these differences cause you to feel resistance?

Heterosexual love is obviously important to the continuation of our species.  But if we’re just talking about sharing and expressing affection or even lust for each other, why should other people’s choices meet with any resistance from those with different preferences?

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