During graduate school some friends and I decided to head to Seattle for the annual Human Factors Society convention where a job fair was being held.  We were getting ready to graduate with our Master’s degrees and it seemed like a good idea to start interviewing for positions.  We got there in short order and spent our days attending workshops, lectures, and social events.

One afternoon around 4pm, we were trying to figure out where to go for dinner.  While we were talking I was getting very sleepy.  It felt like someone had cast a sleep spell on me or that I had taken a sleeping pill or something.  It was an unnatural tiredness.  So after we decided where to go to dinner I actually had to beg off and tell them to go ahead without me because I needed to lie down for a while.  They were surprised that I was willing to miss dinner (they knew me so well 😉 ).  After they left, I just collapsed onto the hotel bed and fell immediately asleep.  I was tingling the whole way down.

Suddenly I am seeing a ton of lights, like orbs, swirling around in a disorganized fashion.  I am also hearing a ton of voices, like each orb is trying to get my attention and talk to me.  I remember saying, “Wait, wait!  One at a time!  I can’t hear you if you all speak to me at the same time.”  And when I said that all the orbs flew into formation in straight rows and columns.  One orb broke from the group and flew towards me.  When it got close, I could hear the voice of a male, and he sounded like an American Indian.  He said, “I need to check something.  Come with me.”

All of a sudden I felt like I was moving at warp speed through space, but backwards. I could feel my Indian guide with me.  When we “landed” I saw a little boy walking down a street with a determined face.  I somehow knew that he was me, in a past life.  I sort of flew my consciousness into his body and merged with him.  When I did this, I got his full story.  Timmy was 8 years old.  He was walking down the street chanting, “I’m Timmy, I’m Timmy.  No rain, no rain.”  Timmy and his friends liked to play in the wash.  They even had a stash of toys down there, like cars that they liked to careen down the sides of the wash.  That day there was apparently a big rainstorm coming, and Timmy’s mother told him he couldn’t go out that day to play because of the rain.  Timmy protested saying his friends were supposed to meet him there, but his mom assured him that no one would be going out in the rain that day.  But Timmy defied his mom, and left the house without her realizing it.  He went to the wash as the rain began drizzling on his head.  Fast forward to the flash flood that overwhelmed poor Timmy and drowned him.

At the moment of his death, I dissociated from his body and was back with my guide.  Without a word, he moved us forward again in time and space.  I was still feeling sorry for Timmy/me and how I had died.  If only I had listened to my mom.  I must have caused her so much grief.

Now we were in my present.  Yes, this was starting to feel like A Christmas Carol.  My guide was flashing around in my life moments like he was looking for something.  I felt compelled to explain every incident to him but he shushed me and told me he didn’t need my explanations and to just be patient.  I felt like I was just along for the ride.  He said, “You’re slipping away.  Why are you at this conference?  What are you doing with your life?  You’re not where you’re supposed to be.”

“Huh?” I replied.  I was at a great point in my life.  Ambitious, motivated, driven, focused.  My future in NASA looked very bright!

He clucked at me like he was disappointed.  Then we were off at warp speed again, this time traveling forward in time.  I was really excited!  Now I was going to see what was coming up ahead.

Unfortunately, my guide put blinders on me.  I literally felt blindfolded.  I knew we were in my future but I wasn’t being allowed to see it.  Oh the disappointment!  We spent what felt like 2 minutes there, and then we were whooshing back to my present, in the hotel room.

The last thing my guide said to me before his energy left was, “Hmm, it looks like you’ll be accelerating after all.”  He said it with a kind of grudging respect and some surprise.  I felt released.  I looked for the other orbs but they were gone.  I slowly came out of my sleep state and just sat on the bed in wonder at the experience.

At the time, I was not following my spiritual path whatsoever.  This was the time in my life where I had turned off all the paranormal (or so I thought!) and was working on being a good little American citizen, out to find a job, a husband, have some kids and then retire.  But the sense I got from what my guide said was that I would be growing and evolving in this lifetime.

Shortly thereafter is when I met Steve.  Talk about a life-changing experience. 😉 I gave up my dream to work for NASA and reopened myself to other possibilities.  The rest, as they say, is history.

But it looks like I’m accelerating after all.

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