Dream Warning

A couple of years ago my daughter had a teacher who I got along with very well.  One night I had this horrific dream about her.  She was at a club dancing and drinking and the friend that drove her to the party went home without her!  She was left at the club with no ride home and very drunk.  A man she was dancing with realized her dilemma and offered her a ride home which she accepted.  He took her out the back door of the club where there was a van waiting with its door open.  She was pulled inside by 3 men in ski masks and the door slammed.  It was clear to me what was to happen next.  She ended up raped and murdered in my dream.

So I wake up and my heart is pounding and I’m wondering if this was just some horrible dream or if it was a premonition and a warning.  I wasn’t sure what to do, but I decided to just take it one step at a time.  When I dropped my daughter off at school I casually went up to her teacher and said, “Say, what are you doing this weekend?  Going to a club?”  She looked at me oddly and said, “Why yes, actually, there’s this really cool club that’s having a private party this weekend.”

“Oh,” I said.  “Are you planning to go with a girlfriend who is going to be your designated driver?”

“Uh, yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.”  Now she’s looking at me even more oddly.  “Why?”

“Is this friend of yours prone to leaving places without you?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact, yeah.  She leaves me at parties all the time.  But it’s cool.  I can usually find a ride home with one of my other friends.  What are you getting at and how do you know this?” she queried.

I wasn’t sure what to tell her next, but I just had to say something.  “Listen, I know this is going to sound crazy, but whatever you do, don’t leave the party with anyone but your friend.  Like, don’t go home with a guy you don’t know.  Call a cab if you need to.  I just feel like your life might be in danger this weekend and you need to be very careful.”

Oops, she got very insulted!  She said, “Hey, it’s not like I go around picking up on guys and going home with them an hour after I meet them.  What kind of girl do you think I am?  Sheesh!”  After that I was talking to “the hand.”  Obviously I didn’t explain it well.

She got up and walked away before I could say anything more.  I felt stupid and embarrassed.  After all, maybe nothing was going to happen.  Right?

I picked up my daughter that Friday afternoon and thought about her teacher all weekend.

On Monday when I went to drop my daughter off at school the first thing I noticed was the absense of her teacher.  My heart dropped.  But I didn’t want to conclude anything.  I casually asked at the front desk where her teacher was and they said, “We don’t know actually.  She hasn’t come in or called in.  No one knows where she is.”  Oh my!  I was very concerned but what could I do?

When I picked my daughter up later that day the staff told me they had not heard from her yet and were a little concerned.  So was I!

The next morning they told me that no one had heard from her since she went home that Friday.  They couldn’t reach her and she wasn’t at home because they sent someone there to check.  They assumed she was blowing off work and mentioned something about having to fire her if she didn’t call in.  I felt they were going about it all wrong so I casually said, “Has anyone been to her house or called the hospital or anything?”  I was told that no one had thought of that.

Finally on Wednesday I got answers.  That Friday night after I gave her my warning, my daughter’s teacher ended up in the emergency room with appendicitis.  That appendectomy prevented her from attending that party.  The reason no one was able to get hold of her was because after she was discharged from the hospital she went to a friend’s house to recover and she either didn’t think to call the school or didn’t have time.  I was told later there was a mix up and the friend was supposed to call the school and didn’t.

When she finally returned to work she said to me, “You know, I was really pissed at you for what you said to me that Friday.  But it’s kinda creepy that my appendix burst that night after you warned me that something horrible was about to befall me.  My friend went to that party and she told me there were a lot of scuzzy guys there.  She also said none of our other friends showed up so if she had left me there, I wouldn’t have known anyone else to get a ride from.  I don’t know if anything bad would have happened to me, but thanks for trying to warn me anyway.”

I was just glad she was okay.  So what happened?  Would my premonition have come true?  Did the spirits send me that dream to warn her?  And when she wouldn’t listen did they send her appendicitis?  Or was my dream just tapping into the life threatening situation she was about to find herself in?  I will probably never know.

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