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Do you believe in Soul Mates?

Question:  Is there really such a thing as soul mates?  Is there one specific person I’m supposed to marry in this life time?  If so, is this the same person I meet and marry in every life time?  What do you think?

Answer:  People often ask me about soul mates and whether I believe they exist.  The answer is not as cut and dried as one might think.  It really depends on what level you’re looking.  So the short answer on whether or not soul mates exist is yes and no.  Let me ‘splain.

Yes, there are couples who incarnate with the prearranged intention to hook up as life partners.  Circumstances, synchronicities, guides, higher selves, and angels will work to get the two of you together during your life to fulfill a spiritual contract made pre-incarnation.  This doesn’t mean, however, that you have been together in every incarnation or that you will be together in the next one.  Chances are good that you have incarnated with this particular soul energy before and will again, though.  Steve and I fall into this category.  I know we were supposed to meet and be a huge part of each other’s lives because our missions coincide very closely.  We got married, but we could just as easily have been close friends or even business associates.  But it’s the intention to work closely together that drew us together.  Of course there is a deep and abiding love between us, and I refer to Steve as my soul mate quite often.  I am certain we share a very deep spiritual connection, and I know his energy and my energy have spent a lot of time together in the ether, planning, creating, merging, etc.

A soul mate doesn’t have to be a life partner, though.  Your intended “soul mate” could turn out to just be a very good friend or companion to you in this life.  Marriage is a man-made construct and has nothing to do with the energy you’ll share with this special soul.

Now let’s look at things from a much higher perspective.  All souls are just part of Source energy.  From this perspective, there really cannot be just one soul that completes you or is your soul mate.  We are all One. 

I think when you feel like you’ve found your soul mate you are simply recognizing another collection of energy that you either had a prearrangement with or remember from the ether or other life times.  You will naturally be drawn to them because they are familiar.

The idea of soul mates, of one perfect life partner, is romantic, but from the highest perspective, all souls are part of Source, all consciousness is part of Source, we are all One.  But during our time here on Earth you will be drawn to souls you recognize or remember.  There may be love, passion, or just friendship and guidance.  Take it for what it is and enjoy it. 

I know some people get very attached to the idea that there is just one person out there who they are supposed to be with.  That isn’t true.  You can find love in many places and with many people.

So to bottom line it … everyone out there is a potential soul mate when you realize we are all part of Source consciousness.  Sometimes people choose ahead of time who they will incarnate with due to having a similar soul purpose.  In these cases, you will recognize or feel very drawn to a particular person.  It will feel like a soul mate in the romantic sense of the word.  If you “lose” your soul mate, don’t worry.  Your guides, angels, and higher self can work around it.  You can still find love, you can still find your purpose, and you will meet up with your lost soul mate back in the ether.  In the meantime, work on feeling that soul mate connection with every incarnated soul.  What a love triangle that could be. 🙂

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