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Can you tell me who my spirit guides are?

Question:  I want to know who my spirit guides are.  During our reading will you be able to tell me their names?

Answer:  Ever since I started offering private readings with people I’ve heard this question a lot.  I remember when I was young and would go see psychics I too wanted to know the names of my spirit guides.  It was important for me to connect with someone tangible on the other side, not just some vague intuitive or gut feeling.  But whenever I asked psychics for the names of my spirit guides I would get conflicting answers.  Sylvia.  Metatron.  Michael.  Omnipomptu.  Sunne.  It confused me.  Having their name didn’t actually help much.  I still didn’t feel like I was connecting with them.

Today I speak to spirit guides for a living.  And they’ve taught me a thing or two about names.  There are no names in the ether.  Names are a human construct.  In the ether there are conscious energies that have intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, experiences, and intentions.  Each consciousness has a certain energy signature.  When you’re in tune with them you can detect which energy you’re speaking with. 

That said, all of my guides have names.  Er?  Yes, all of my guides have names; the names we’ve agreed upon to make communicating with them easier.  When I first went to my White Room, which is where I go meditatively to do psychic readings, I encountered a spirit guide in there.  He had a masculine energy and presented as a tall, thin, nearly bald fellow.  I say “presented” because that is not how he really looks, that’s just what he is projecting to me so I can communicate with him in a familiar manner.  When I asked him his name he said, “Well what do I look like?”  I told him he looked like a Bob to me and he smiled, amused, and said, “Fine.”  Ever since then, he’s Bob.  He knows when I call on him using the name “Bob” that I’m really just asking his energy to be with me during a reading. Similarly, there are other beings present when I do my readings and they all have names.  Ones we’ve agreed upon. 

One caveat to all of this is that deceased relatives always come through with the names they had in their most recent incarnation.  This is, of course, so my sitters will know who I’m talking about.  But when people cross over they eventually drop the connection with their old names and take on the characteristics of their higher selves.  Deceased relatives are not spirit guides.

Now there is an exception to every rule right?  I remember doing a reading for someone and he asked who his spirit guides were.  Just as I was getting ready to tell him that I don’t get names of guides, I had a forthright, aggressive spirit guide come forward and say, “My name is Tara.  Tell him.”  And then another guide came forward and said, “My name is Stan.  Tell him.”  I was shocked.  They were very insistent that he call them by these specific names, but they didn’t tell me why.  I passed on the information and my sitter was pleased.  I asked Bob about this when the reading was over and he explained to me that sometimes a guide will give a name because it’s their only chance to make a connection with a sitter who can’t or won’t otherwise find the guides on their own.  In other words, this was a chance for his guides to reveal themselves to him in a way he could grasp onto so that when he did his own meditations he would already know who to call out to for guidance.  But this is the exception, not the rule, at least in the readings I do for people.

When people ask about their guides during readings I explain that the guides present to me as a collective energy but if I ask them, they will separate out so I can see who is who and what’s what.  In this case, usually one to four of them will show themselves to me and tell me what it is they are working on with my sitter.  For example I might see a Native American who tells me he is working with my sitter on awakening his spirit.  And I might see a middle aged Caucasian woman who is helping him with relationships.  But remember that this is simply how they are presenting… they don’t really look this way, it’s just a convenient and conventional way for us to think of them and they understand this.

Connecting with your spirit guides is such a personal journey.  Communicating with your guides involves love and trust.  It’s always best if you find each other rather than having an intermediary introduce you.  You’ve got to learn the energy signatures, not just the names.  That’s how you tune in and get information without the help of a psychic.  Find your guides, develop a relationship with them, and start working together consciously.

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