Do Dead People Watch You Masturbate?

Ever wonder if your deceased grandmother is hovering around you watching your every move?  Do the deceased respect the privacy of the living?  Are they with you in the bathroom and in the bedroom?  What exactly do they see, and what do they think of what you’re doing?

Yes, deceased people can see what you’re doing.  The question is are they looking and do they really care?

Here’s how it works.  When you die you make your way merrily to the afterlife.  After a period of acclimation you’re faced with some choices.  Move on completely, severing your emotional connection to the people you left behind on Earth, or hover around your loved ones in an attempt to guide them, help them, or just see your grandkids (or mess with the family dog 😉 ).  When you cross over completely you can still tune in to what’s going on here on Earth but it’s not your main priority.  When you hover, though, you’re tuned in quite a bit and you see just about everything.  Is this fair to the living to have an invisible shadow watching their every move?  Aren’t there any privacy laws in the ether?

The thing is that the deceased don’t really care what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom.  They were human once too.  They know about sex, they know you have it, alone or with someone else.  It’s really not a big deal to them.  Any guilt or shame you’re feeling is something you should be dealing with regardless of whether someone is watching you.  Don’t spare too much time wondering if someone is watching you, it can ruin the mood. 😉  Likewise there’s no need to show off to your audience, “Hey Grandma, look what I can do with this!” 🙂

Just go on about your life, doing good, and treating your body with respect.  This is important outside of the bedroom as well.  Would you act differently if you knew your deceased parents were watching how you treated other people?

Don’t forget the flip side of all of this.  You’re not ever really alone.  Even if your loved ones have fully crossed over you still have guides and angels watching over you.  Yep, they can see what you’re doing too.  It’s their job to know!  They don’t judge us though so don’t fret.  When you’re feeling sad, lonely, and depressed, realize they are right there with you, arms around your shoulders while you’re crying.  Try to feel them next time you feel down.

When I read for people who are very depressed or even suicidal, that’s when I see the angels around them. Whenever I see angels with their energy around someone I know that person is going through an emotional crisis.  It freaked me out a little until I figured out the pattern.  The angels really are there when you need them.  You never have to navigate the ups and downs of life alone.  You can lean on them when you’re in crisis.

In summary, yes, the dead could watch you masturbate if they really wanted to.  I doubt most do so you’re probably safe.  Probably… 😉

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