Psychic Readings with Skeptics

I’ve done a few readings with people who were skeptics and from these readings I’ve learned some interesting things that I thought I’d share.

When I read for someone who is skeptical of psychic abilities it’s like asking me to read a book in the dark.  Sure my eyes still work.  Sure I can technically still see.  Yes I still know how to read.  But the light is bad and it’s hard to make out the words.  If someone handed you a book and asked you to read it in the dark how successful do you think you’d be?  If they told you that you were a fraud and couldn’t really read might you protest and say, “Well turn on the light so I can see the book for Heaven’s sake!”

Sometimes it’s like being handed a book but every other word is blacked out.  I can kind of piece the information together but the information definitely doesn’t come through that easily.  The reading goes slowly and I end up having to get a lot of clarification.  It’s like trying to watch tv with a faulty antenna; sometimes all you get is static.

Why does that happen?  Why does my vision go blurry or dark when I try to read a skeptic?  It’s free will.  People can block themselves from being read.  And if you’re really skilled at it then for me it’s like Troi trying to read Data (or for those who are Star Trek challenged, it’s like trying to empathically read the emotions of an android).  People who are skeptics have one of two reasons for blocking me from reading them.  First, they want to stump the psychic and test me.  And second, proof of psychic abilities would shatter their beliefs and some of them aren’t ready for that.  That’s okay.  I respect that.  But it’s a waste of time to book a reading if you’re not open to the process.  And if you really want to stump a psychic then putting up that shield will do the trick.  Some psychics might forcibly try to break it down, but when someone locks the door who am I to break it down?

On the other hand, when I read for other psychics or people who are highly aware, who vibrate at a high frequency, or who have done a deep meditation before the reading it’s like getting a book with big, bold print and a bright shiny light on the book.  I can read easily and keep going for days!  I love reading for these types.  In fact, sometimes when I tune in I will suddenly get all tingly and I’ll just know my sitter is tuning in as well.  When I ask, “Did you do a meditation before our reading?” invariably they will reply that they did.  For me reading for the highly aware versus the skeptic is like the difference between smooth sailing and choppy water.

Luckily for me I rarely get skeptics who sign up for my readings.  The overwhelming majority of my sitters are wonderfully open and ready to receive information from their guides.  And they benefit from the information coming through.

I actually had a couple of skeptics who emailed me after their readings to apologize for being so closed and non-commital.  Apparently much of what I told them was accurate and true but they didn’t want to admit it so they lied and told me they didn’t know what I was talking about, which effectively prevented them from hearing what the guides wanted them to know about the situation.  Such a waste…

Skeptics, be skeptical if you want.  Totally your choice.  But if you’re looking for proof of psychic abilities, turn on the light before you hand the psychic your book.

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