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Is possession possible?

Question:  Do you believe in possession, like in the movie The Exorcist or The Exorcism of Emily Rose?  I am so worried that that could someday happen to me.  Is there a way I can protect myself or keep myself from becoming possessed?  If I astral project, can a demon take my body and use it how he wants?

Answer:  I have never met someone who was actually possessed by a demon, spirit, or satanic figure.   However, I do believe it’s possible under rare circumstances.  Having never been possessed or been in contact with a possessed person, I cannot say for sure that possession is possible, but based on some of my own experiences with demonic entities, and from literature I’ve read, and from stories I’ve been told by people I trust, I don’t think we can rule it out completely.  Therefore…

If possession is not possible, we’ve got nothing to worry about and we can go on about our merry way, right?

If possession is possible all we have to do is avoid it and protect ourselves.  So let’s talk about ways to do that.

A while ago I was doing some work with a local paranormal investigator group here in Las Vegas.  They investigated all kinds of paranormal events and claims, and one day they got a call from a family who believed the father-figure was possessed.  We were on the job!  I was excited and scared.  What if he actually was possessed?  What would we do?  Did I really want to be around someone who was housing a demon in their body?  What if the demon fled the host and looked for the tastiest person to enter next?

As it turns out, the person was not possessed.  What we did see, however, was a family in a very stressed, cluttered, poor environment.  The man of the house was struggling to make an income, and he was responsible for supporting 4 or 5 people.  We saw evidence of drug use going on, lots of religious paraphernalia, and the apartment was extremely messy and dirty.  The husband and wife had been fighting terribly and the kids in the house were visibly disturbed and frightened. 

Before we ever went to their house, our lead investigator talked to me about what we might expect to find and what we would do if the father turned out to be possessed.  He told me that people are more likely to be possessed when they are in a really low vibrational state such as fear, anxiety, anger, shame, guilt, or apathy.  Also, people who preferred to give control of their lives to someone else (boss, God, father, boyfriend, priest) were more likely to succumb to possession than someone who took full responsibility for their life.  He also said that smoking, drinking, and doing drugs would also lower a person’s resistance to becoming possessed.  This is not to say that if you are an angry, smoking person who gives all your power to God that you will become possessed.  Far from it.  He was simply suggesting that if you are a joyful person practicing clean living who takes full responsibility for your own life that you probably will not be susceptible to possession.

One thing I firmly believe is that you cannot be possessed without giving permission on some level.  You may not be consciously inviting possession but it can still happen if you’re a vibrational match for it.  Let me use an analogy.  If you are walking around a high crime neighborhood at 2am and you’ve got money velcroed to your jacket with a sign on you that says, “I’m not armed, come and get it” there is a greater chance that you will be robbed than if you’re sitting in a coat and tie in church on Sunday with your wallet tucked firmly into your pocket.  Right?  Doesn’t mean the guy walking around the high crime neighborhood will be robbed, just saying there is a greater chance and that he is more of a vibrational match for it than the guy in church.  Can the guy in church be robbed too?  Yes, but it’s not nearly as likely.  You’d have to be really bold and powerful to rob someone in church with hundreds of people watching.

Practice proper psychic defense.  Keep your vibration high.  For example, don’t light candles in your living room, stand in a pentagram, and call out, “Hey demon, if you’re there, come and get me!”  When you feel like you’re in a state of fear or anxiety, call upon your angels for protection, or imagine a white light around you emanating peace, love, and joy on your behalf, even if you can’t feel those vibrations yourself.

Can a demon possess you while you’re astral?  It’s doubtful.  You can be messed with and challenged by a low vibration entity, maybe even a demon, but as long as you’re still attached to your body, you own it.  Don’t rent it out.  You’ve got a team of people behind the scenes keeping you safe even when you don’t always feel safe yourself.  But even they can’t stop you from getting possessed if you’re going to lower your energy too far.

If you think you might be possessed, contact a priest or your local paranormal investigator team.  How do you know if you’re possessed by a demon?  I think your friends and family will probably clue you in.  If you start eating bugs that might be a clue also.  If you start growling, speaking in tongues, or you find your head spinning around to the back, you may want to make an appointment with someone pronto. 😉

To sum up, don’t worry about possession too much.  If it exists it’s highly unlikely.  Keep your vibration high, don’t worship the Dark Lord, and you should be just fine.


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