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Are guides always wiser than us?

Question:  Do you feel most of your guides are at the same vibrational level to you or of a higher vibration?  I ask because I have been aware of a much ‘older’ guide (spiritually) for a while, but last year I became aware of a younger guide; he comes to me as someone the same age and the same level as me and I got the feeling he was very excited to be working with me.  He feels like a friend.

Answer:  For the most part guides assigned to you before you incarnate are wiser and/or more experienced than you.  That’s part of what makes them good guides.  Sometimes your guides are beings that have had human form in the past, and sometimes they are beings who have never incarnated.  But if they’re advising you, and are part of your “spirit guide council” as I will call it, then you can rest assured they’re capable of serving in this capacity, otherwise your higher self would kick them out of the club. 😉

Now, what you’re describing, about the younger guide, is also possible.  This has happened to me.  A young spirit named Keith did some work with me early in 2006 while I was just developing my psychic abilities.  He was assigned to help set up opportunities for me to practice my skills.  He was not on my spirit guide council, per se, but was recruited to help out. It was part of his “work” on the other side.  He did this with great gusto and great success.  Afterward, he was given the opportunity to continue doing this work, but I still wouldn’t call him one of my guides.  His job now is to nudge people who would benefit from getting a reading with me to book one.  He arranges synchronicities, chance encounters, signs, and signals to make people aware of me when the time is right and if the fit between us will be right.  He “scores points” for this work and is learning on the other side.

When you encounter a younger guide or an inexperienced energy it could simply be someone like my Keith.  Often they do feel like a friend instead of an advisor.  I send Keith a lot of my gratitude because he is part of the initial process of me doing readings.  And my conduit guide, Bob, is there during the actual reading helping me connect with the guides of my sitter.

It’s wonderful that you’ve connected with your guides, and yes, you are accurately picking up his vibration as being less experienced than that of your regular guides.

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