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Is it cheating if I get a psychic reading?

Question: Isn’t consulting a psychic sort of cheating?  Aren’t we supposed to learn our lessons on our own?  Isn’t getting a reading like getting the answers to the test?  Will God be mad if I get a reading?

Answer:  I’ve gotten variations on this question dozens of times.  It always struck me as odd, but I realize that this is indeed what some people think.  So let me answer the question for anyone and everyone who is wondering the same thing.

When we incarnate we forget where we came from.  This is part of the deal.  We forget so we can immerse ourselves in the illusion, like actors in a play.  We are assigned a role that we must play out to the best of our ability.  However, we are given a lifeline, a tether, back to Source, if we would just remember it and know it’s always there for us to call upon for help.  We are always connected to our higher self and the spirit guides who have agreed to guide us.  Most people don’t remember their connection to Source, their higher self, or their guides.  They call out to God, and even pray for help, but few people can hear it when God answers.

That’s where intuitives and psychics come in.  We do hear the answer.  We hear it for ourselves, and we can hear it for others when they can’t hear it for themselves.  For most people, it’s like they’re on a phone call where they cannot hear who is on the other end.  They dial up God and start talking into the microphone “Dear God, please help me.  Please show me a sign.  I am listening, please guide me,” but they’ve got their mute button on.  So when God, or your guides or higher self, are responding, you can’t hear them.  Whose fault is that?  How frustrated do you think the other side is with you? 

So along comes Super Psychic to save the day! 🙂  You book a reading, I tune in, and your guides breathe a sigh of relief. “Oh thank goodness, Erin’s here!  Wonderful!  Now our charge is finally going to get the message we’ve been trying to send her for weeks.  Erin, can you please tell Mary that she is indeed ready to quit her job and become a writer?  She has all the skills she needs to make it.  Can you please tell her that now might be a good time for her to try mending fences with her mom again as she seems more receptive.  And tell her that when she takes those sleeping pills we can’t communicate with her in her dreams and she’s missing out on good stuff.”  So I relay the message.  Is this cheating?  No!

Think of it this way.  You’re born with a post office box; everyone is entitled to one at birth.  You pray, God sends you an answer, and it lands in your post office box.  Only you don’t have your key so you can’t get your messages!  When you consult a psychic it’s like hiring a locksmith.  We come, we open, we deliver your messages.  What you do with them is your business. 

The other side is not going to violate the Prime Directive.  You still have free will here.  They won’t tell you what to do, stripping you of your choices and turning you into an automaton.  They will simply help you see what you’ve forgotten, help you see where you’re going wrong, help steer you down the path of contentment and growth.  They’ll remind you of what you’ve forgotten.  This is not cheating.  If they sent you lottery numbers, that would be cheating, but they never do so don’t worry. 😉

God is not mad when you get a reading from someone who can deliver His messages.  He’s grateful.  He doesn’t want you to suffer needlessly.  He doesn’t want you wandering around in a fog.  We’re supposed to have help here.  He knows how hard it is to be incarnated.  When you disconnect from God/Source you’re only hurting yourself and adding unnecessary misery to your life. 

When I do readings the guides do not tell people what they should do.  They do tell people what will happen if they make certain choices, but they are not here to put a leash around our neck and walk us through our life maze with no free will.  So listen to their message for you.  And work on hearing those messages on your own so you don’t need to call 1-800-Super-Psychic every time you get stuck.

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