How do I protect myself and my room when I astral project?

Question: I have read that when you astral project you protect your room so that low vibrational negative beings can’t get in.  Can you tell me how you do that, and can I use the same technique for my house?

Answer:  I will tell you how I did it, but my method is not the only method out there.

First of all the need to protect yourself, your body, and your space while you’re astral projecting is not necessarily critical.  It all depends on your current default vibrational state and whether you are already attracting negative beings to you.  When I first got into astral projection I was vibrating at a pretty low frequency: fear and anxiety.  So when I went astral I became a magnet for beings at the lower vibrations.  I was easy prey as it were.  Then, when I decided to go on the offensive, my need to protect my body kicked into high gear.  When you’re out there attacking the bad guys they have a tendency to send their guys after you to neutralize you.  So it became critical for me to avoid retaliation.  This is not something I suggest anyone does.  Very dangerous, silly, and unnecessary.  But I was a teenager and wanted to be an action star so that’s what I did.

If you’re already vibrating at a default frequency of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, etc., then you probably don’t need to go through the rigamorale of setting up protection.   There’s a default protection in place when you’re at that frequency.  If, however, you’re fearful, anxious, ashamed, guilty, angry, or sad then for one, you shouldn’t be trying to leave your body, but if you are, then you need protection.

Here’s what you should do.

Before you go to sleep ask your spirit guides to keep you safe.  Ask the angels to protect your soul.  Imagine a white and/or golden light coming down from the heavens and enveloping you in protective warmth.  Try to raise your vibration to one of happiness, joy, peace.  If you are religious, call upon your Source for protection as well.

Then you also want to imagine a beautiful white light enveloping your bed, or wherever you’ll be projecting from.  You can extend this to your whole house but it probably isn’t necessary.  If you have kids sleeping in another room, I would extend the protection to them as well.

When you go astral chances are good you won’t encounter anything negative.  But if you do, it will bounce off the protection light you’ve set up for yourself.  You can also mentally/energetically create a guard dog to keep you safe, or put a real dog at the end of your bed since he or she can probably detect energies and scare off anything with ill intent.

I mentioned other methods of protection.  These include using crystals, burning incense, putting a pyramid above your head, casting a spell of protection, using shamanic tools, prayer, and more.  I don’t use these methods so I can’t really comment on them.  But continue in your search for protection elements.

In summary, if you’re going to go astral projecting be at a high vibration before you start.  If you feel fear, don’t do it, or get past the fear.  Set up protective white light around you and your bed.  Call upon higher energy beings to keep you safe.  And don’t piss off the ookie spookies or they might put an astral hit out on you. 😉

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