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Does the energy of your sitter affect the intuitive reading?

Question:  Are you able to read for everyone no matter what state of mind they are in?  Or is it harder to read for people with a lower vibration, like people who are depressed, suicidal, or anxious?  What about people with dark energy?

Answer:  When I’m doing an intuitive reading, the energy of my sitters definitely affects my ability to read for them.

The easiest readings for me are when my sitter is in a state of love, peace, excitement, and joy.  And people who have developed their psychic abilities and who know how to raise their vibration consciously are great too.  To use an analogy, it’s like the book is open and I am speed reading.  I could read dozens of pages about them and just keep right on going.  The reason is because they are boosting my signal.  It’s like making a cell phone call and someone is boosting my signal so everything comes in very clearly and easily.  I can clearly hear and see what their guides are telling me.

In the middle are people who have lower energy but who are wanting a good reading and are open to the information coming through.  So these would be people who are depressed, suicidal, fearful, anxious, sad, etc.  To go back to the analogy, the book is open, the light is good, and I can read a few pages.  It’s harder to turn the pages, but I can do it.  In this case, my cell phone is working normally with patches of static periodically.  They are not boosting my signal, but they are not blocking it either.

The category that’s toughest are people who are purposely holding back, who don’t want to be read, who are afraid I’ll discover a deep dark secret, or people who are skeptical or cynical.  In this case, I’ve been handed their book, but they turn the lights out, so it’s like trying to read in the dark.  I can still read, but reading in the dark is much harder than reading in the light.  And often, it’s like they are jamming my cell phone signal.  Again, my cell phone works fine, but the signal is jammed.  It can be frustrating for both of us.

You might wonder why people in the last category bother signing up for a reading.  Many of them want the answer to one single question, but they are not open to any other information coming through.  I have people who sign up for readings who simply want to invade the privacy of their partner and are trying to use the reading to get information about what their partner is doing and who he’s doing it with so they can confront him on it.  Some people just want to know when they are going to win the lottery.  This is absolutely not how readings with me work.  The very first thing I do is connect with your guides and ask them what they most want to tell you to help you on your life path.  We go over career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality, and whatever else you want to ask.  But the guides take the opportunity to share insights with you that are designed to help you get what you most wanted out of life, and to help you achieve true happiness.

Remember that all psychics work a little differently.  My specialty seems to be helping people with their life paths and life purpose.  Unless your guides think it’s in your highest interest to give you lottery numbers, you won’t get them from a reading with me.  If your guides want you to trust your own instincts, they probably won’t tell you if your spouse is cheating on you, but they might tell you that you have reason to be concerned, or they might help you with another aspect of your relationship that will serve you better.

My energy also affects a reading.  If I’m not feeling well it’s difficult for me to connect, so when I’m sick I usually reschedule my readings for the day, especially if I have a fever or a headache.  It’s analogous to having a low battery in my cell phone, it could die at any moment.  Likewise, I need to be fully present, ego out of the way, at my highest vibration in order to do readings properly, so if I’m distracted or emotionally upset then it’s difficult for me to connect with your guides.  This is why I do a meditation before each reading so that I can turn off my own thoughts and be open to the connection with Bob (my conduit guide), and your guides. 

So yes, energy states matter quite a bit.  Good question!

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