Communicating with Deceased Actor Brad Renfro

After I wrote my blog entry on the contact I had with Anna Nicole Smith after her death, I started getting contacted by the families of other high profile deceased people.  I wasn’t expecting that, but I helped where I could.  I’m not at liberty to share who contacted me as they requested privacy, but I did receive permission to share one story.

Actor, Brad Renfro

I really had no idea who Brad Renfro was while he was alive, but I do recall hearing something about his death around the time Heath Ledger died.  And I knew there was an overdose involved because it seemed similar to how Heath Ledger died.  I was contacted by one of Brad’s friends, Colleen, who asked me if I would be willing or able to connect with Brad.  I was really curious if I could do it so I told her we should schedule an appointment, at no charge, to see if we could connect with Brad.  She was not family but the family was apparently hopeful that I could connect with Brad, so she was going to pass on any pertinent information from the reading to them.

So I emailed Colleen to let her know what my schedule was like so we could have our appointment, but then a strange thing happened.  I started receiving communication directly from Brad even though I was not on the phone with Colleen.  I had assumed I needed to be connected with someone who knew him in order to channel his energy, but I was wrong.  His energy started coming through and he started telling me things.  I said back to him, “Hang on, I’m not even on the phone with Colleen yet.”  But there was no stopping him, so I quickly opened up a word document and just started typing everything he told me.  It was like taking dictation.

His energy was incredibly strong and clear.  He was quite focused on our communication.  Sometimes he repeated himself but I just kept typing what I heard him say so I wouldn’t miss anything.  Several times he insisted I use a certain word as I typed, which I later found out were terms and jargon he used regularly.  By the time I was done, I had three single-spaced typed pages of information from him.  While I’m not comfortable sharing the most private and personal parts of what he conveyed, I will go over the general areas he addressed.

He addressed the circumstances surrounding the night he died, and made it clear in no uncertain terms that he took full responsibility for his death.  He blamed no one and wanted to be very clear that no one else should blame anyone either.  He made specific reference to someone who was around him when he died, and said people should not blame her for his death.

He mentioned that although there may have been time to save him had the ambulance been called earlier, that his fate was sealed and his body was beyond recovery, so even if people had come in a timely manner, it would have been too late for him.  He accepted his death very stoically.

He conveyed messages to his living family members, offering insight, love, forgiveness, and understanding to specific members of his family.  I am told they understood the messages that came through.  He also addressed an interesting karmic situation between his living son and his son’s mother, that was also understood by family members.

He spoke to me about his love of music, and how hard he had tried to get off drugs (or as he called it, “the junk”).  He told me that when he played music it was like a natural high for him.

One thing he wanted to convey to the fans who loved him is to remember him whole, happy, and alive, not as he was at his death.  And he doesn’t want people trying to vindicate or clear his name as that is not important to him whatsoever.  He takes responsibility for how he lived and how he died, and just wants people to remember his life, not his death.

Brad was reunited with a beloved grandmother on the other side, and there were some interesting tidbits that came through regarding their relationship, which Colleen was able to confirm.

I sent the document to Brad’s friend, Colleen, and she confirmed that what he said to me was true, accurate, and that I even used words he always used.  This was the first time I ever did a full reading without having a live person to connect me with the deceased.  I couldn’t get confirmation of anything as I was going along, I had to simply trust that the information he was giving me would make sense to his friends and family.  But I credit Brad and his incredibly strong energy for that connection.  Often when people die tragically such as through murder, accident, or suicide, and there is so much outpouring of love from a large community, the deceased person maintains a strong connection to the living, so is easier to connect with.

I was grateful for the opportunity to connect with Brad, who really comes across to me as someone who is wise, caring, loving, and strong-willed.  My thanks go to Colleen for contacting me and giving Brad the opportunity to send messages to his family, friends, and fans.  Obviously, he had a tremendous amount of love and support from people in his life.  I got a strong sense from him that he was grateful for the opportunity to convey these messages, grateful to all the fans who remember him, and he wants everyone to know that he is at peace.

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