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Should I buy a reading with you as a gift for someone?

Question:  I’ve really enjoyed the readings you’ve done for me, and I really want my mom to have a reading with you.  Do you think it’s alright if I purchase a reading for her as a gift?

Answer:  People ask me variations on this question all the time so an answer is obviously in order.

When it’s okay to give a reading as a gift
There are only two appropriate circumstances where you’d want to buy a reading for someone as a gift.   If the person has specifically said, “Boy I’d love to have a reading with Erin Pavlina one day.  Maybe someone will give me a reading with her as a gift.”  Because then you know the person actually wants the reading, is familiar with how I work, and is probably open to hearing what their guides are going to tell them.  The second circumstance is if you know they want a reading with a good psychic and you want to surprise them with a reading with me because you are familiar with my work and you know they’re going to get a good reading.

When it’s NOT okay to give a reading as a gift
Do not sign someone up for a reading if they don’t believe in psychics.  Skeptics will put up walls and barriers, and they won’t get a good reading no matter what you tell them in advance.  Fear of what a psychic might see often causes people to clam up their energy.  If my sitter isn’t open to getting a reading, I don’t want to push and probably couldn’t get past their wall anyway.

Also, don’t buy someone a reading because you’re hoping their guides will set them straight, for example, “My mom is really fat.  I want the guides to tell her to go on a diet.”  We don’t decide what the guides get into.  They may not even address what you’re hoping they’ll address, so don’t count on a reading doing the convincing for you. 

Don’t gift a reading to someone who isn’t ready to hear what the guides have to say.  I’m not a laundry list psychic and my readings are not entertainment.  The guides have a short time to convey the most important things you need to know to get your life back on track.  Sometimes that means going deep into the past where we might find abuse, neglect, shame, or guilt.  Don’t force that on someone who isn’t ready.  It’s like buying a person a gift session with a psychologist.  “Oh just go hear what she has to say.  I’ll pay for it.   It’ll be fun.”  No.  This is serious business.  If someone isn’t ready to “go there” they won’t get the benefit from the reading.  That isn’t to say that all the readings go deep into someone’s past, but it’s entirely possible and in many cases probable that we’re going to “go there” right quick!  It happens all the time.

In summary, you should never force a reading on someone who isn’t ready and willing to hear some major life information.  However, if you’re certain they would benefit from a reading, send them to my blog to get to know me, or email them some articles I’ve written that you think might help with their particular situation.  Once they warm up to me and know what my readings are like, ask them if they’d like a reading, and then feel free to purchase one for them as a gift.  Changing someone’s life for the better is quite a gift indeed. 🙂

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