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Health Goal Update for May 11, 2009

It’s been two weeks since my last update and my weight has remained the same despite following the Weight Watcher program meticulously. What’s a girl gotta do to lose some weight here?  The one thing that may be making a difference is that I’ve been sick the last three weeks with a horrible cough, so I haven’t been to the gym daily like I was doing before.  I should be well enough to start going back to the gym now, though, so hopefully that will kick things started again.  I suppose I should be grateful that I haven’t gained any weight either, but after cutting out so much food, I’m just so surprised not to see more progress.

Oddly and without conscious intent, I haven’t had any fast food French fries for nearly 6 weeks, which as I reported before was quite an addiction for me.  That alone should have lost me some weight considering how often I was eating them. 

I am doing well at keeping track of my points, I hardly ever use any flex points, but I like that they are there just in case.   This week I’m going to concentrate on eating more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and see what that does for me.

When I realize just how much food I was eating before doing the Weight Watcher program I am not at all shocked as to why I’m pushing 200 on the scale.  All the unconscious eating I was doing really added up.  Snacking and making unhealthy choices really shows up when you remove them from your program.

I’m quite well adjusted to the amount of food I’m eating.  If I’m ever hungry between meals I usually eat a carrot or some sliced cucumber, or sometimes a piece of fruit.  I feel I have enough points and I’m not feeling deprived in any way.  So all in all I’m enjoying the plan and will continue with it.  My official weight Sunday morning was 196.2.  Again.  Sigh.

I’ll update again in 2 weeks.

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