How To Get Out of Hell

Just in case you ever find yourself in Hell, it’s probably a good idea for you to know how to get out of it.

First of all, Hell is a place you send yourself when you disconnect from Source/God and believe you are not worthy of universal love.  You can go to Hell when you die or you can put yourself in Hell even while you are still living.  Whether you are there while physically incarnated or after you slough off your mortal coil, the way to get out of Hell is exactly the same.  Stop beating yourself up.  Forgive yourself for your transgressions.  Accept the consequences of your actions.  Allow yourself to be loved once again.  I know, this is easier said than done.

Sometimes people feel they have done something so horrible in life that they need to be punished.  In life, we send people to prison, but in the afterlife, people seem to think they belong in the ultimate prison, Hell.  The only reason you feel that way is because you’ve been socially conditioned to believe that bad people go to Hell to burn for eternity.  So the universe accommodates you.  But the universe does not require you to go to Hell to serve out some retributive sentence on its behalf.  God loves you, no matter how you comport yourself while incarnated.  Yes, even if you murder, rape, and pillage your way through life, you are still loved by God.  I know, I know, how can that be?  Let me use one of my famous analogies.

Let’s say you’re a parent and you’ve got two kids.  They come up to you one day and say, “We’re going to play cops and robbers out in the backyard okay?”  You reply, “Sure kids, have fun, and try not to hurt yourselves.”  The kids go outside and one of them decides to play the part of the cop and the other the part of the robber.  A crime is committed, a great chase ensues, and there is a mock gunfight.  One of them goes down in a blaze of glory.  Are you mad at the shooter?  No.  Why?  Because it’s not real.  It’s pretend.  No one actually got hurt.  Why would someone ever choose to play the part of the robber – the bad guy?  Because it’s fun to see what it would be like, especially when you know it’s not real.  You get to explore and experience being “bad.”  Is anyone really hurt?  Nope.  As a parent do you love the “robber” child any less than the “cop” child?  No, of course not.  When the dust settles, they both get up and say, “That was cool.  Let’s play again.  Only this time let’s switch roles!”

I’m not sharing this analogy to condone you become a robber or a bad person, but to illustrate that you are never punished eternally for the role that you play.  Imagine if the “robber” child goes back into the house and says, “Mom, I think I should stand in the corner for an hour because I shot Johnny while we were playing cops and robbers.”  That would be silly.  God doesn’t require you to flog yourself for eternity no matter what mistakes you think you’ve made.  That doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for your actions.  You make choices so you can learn and experience, and then you decide how you want to live. 

Back to your sojourn to the afterlife.  When you die,  if you really want to, you can decide that you deserve some kind of punishment.  This is a real shame in my opinion because it is so unnecessary.  But people do it, and I’ve seen it, especially among suicide victims and those who have committed murder.  They resist the Light because they fear judgment.  So they either stick around Earth, sucking on the energy of the living to do so, or they send themselves to the “corner,” (only in this case it’s a helluva corner!) where they allow lower vibrational entities to torture them for a really long time.  Eventually an angel comes by and says, “You done yet?  No?  Okay, I can wait.”

If you are one of the unfortunate people who find themselves in Hell, there’s only one way out.  You must forgive yourself for whatever it is you think you’ve done wrong.  You must remember that you are worthy of love.  And you must kindly ask the demon with the pitchfork to stop poking you so that you can go back to the welcoming embrace of Source.  Guess what?  The demon works for you.  So if you tell him to stop, he will.  Just say, “Jolly good, mate.  Thanks for the flogging.  Won’t be needing that sort of thing anymore.  I’m going Home now.  Have a nice day.”  And out you go.

People write to me all the time asking if they are going to Hell.  Some of them have never even hurt anyone.  One guy told me he denounced the existence of God one time and felt that certainly he couldn’t get into Heaven for that sort of transgression.  If you’re a parent, has your child ever said, “I hate you, Mom!  I hate you forever!”  Do they really?  As a parent, we understand frustration, anger, resentment, and the occasional shove.  You don’t go to Hell for that (unless you want to!).

When you make a mistake in life – and you will – learn to give yourself the same kind of love and forgiveness that the universe extends to you.  There is no reason to buy a ticket to Hell.  If you don’t like the result of your actions, make amends.  If you’re a mean son of a bitch, stop being a mean son of a bitch. 

When you die, you do go through a life review, and you get to see the consequences of all your actions whether you were present to experience them at the time or not.  And if you harmed others, you will feel and know their pain.  That is not Hell, that is understanding.  The life review is there to help you understand how your actions affected others.  You’re not meant to suffer for eternity.

When you die, don’t resist the light, the love, and the forgiveness.  You’re playing a part in a play.  If you didn’t like how it turned out, pick another part next time so you can experience something different.  And if you’re playing a role today that doesn’t feel good to you, it’s up to you to write new lines for your character right now.

You will pay for your crimes, so think carefully before you commit them.  But that payment comes through rehabilitation and understanding, not retribution and punishment.  Unless you’re into that sort of thing… 😉

There is no Hell but that which you create for yourself.  Don’t go there.  There is no need.

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