Conscious Growth Workshop in Las Vegas

Some of you are probably already aware that Steve is doing a workshop here in Las Vegas this coming October.  In case you only read my blog and not his, I wanted to give you the details so you can avail yourself of this amazing workshop.

The dates are October 2-4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and the event will be held at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.  All the information you need to decide whether this would be a good workshop for you to attend can be found here:  Conscious Growth Workshop Information

I’ll be at the workshop to help facilitate it.  I’ll also be doing a limited number of in-person readings the day before and the day after (Oct 1 and Oct 5) but I won’t be doing readings during the workshop.  If you’re coming to the workshop and would like to book a reading with me, use my contact form to check my availability first.

The workshop is going to be intense and interesting, and I think you’ll come away with some shifts in your thinking that will help you move forward in the areas of career, relationships, health, spirituality, and more.  I’d love to see you all there and meet you in person!  It’s going to be an awesome workshop.  Don’t miss out! 🙂

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