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Do you still astral project?

Question:  Erin, do you still astral project a lot like you did when you were a teenager?  If so, what do you do when you’re astral?  If you don’t still astral project, why not?  Are you still able to?

Answer:  When I was a teenager, I used to astral project 3-4 times per week.  Once I learned how to do it, I did it as much as possible.  I had a lot of fun being Erin the Astral Demon Slayer, though my friends and I did attract some unwanted attention.  That was one of the reasons I tried to shut down my paranormal abilities, because I was going down what felt like a pretty dark road; always looking out for baddies, not focusing on my schoolwork, and my friends were starting to get a little psychotic and depressed.  I put a kibosh on my astral activities sometime in college.

As the rigors of life and independence set in, I had to focus most of my energy on my daytime activities.  Contributing to keeping a roof over our heads and taking care of two children were full time jobs that left little time for astral travels.  I never gave up the lucid dreaming though.  That I can still do whenever I want.  Recently I wanted to see if I could still astral project.  I woke up at 4am one morning and pulled myself into my astral vehicle (tingles and buzzing and all).  It was tougher than when I was a teenager, but I could still do it.  I wasn’t sure where to go and what to do though, so I just flew around the house looking in on the kids in their rooms.  Nothing special really.  But I was glad I could still do it.  It was like exercising a rusty muscle.

The truth is, the astral plane doesn’t hold much interest for me.  I do still occasionally have to chase off a curious low vibrational being, especially when Steve accidentally opens a door.  My astral sword is still there, but it’s hanging over the mantel.  I’ll have to leave the astral demon slaying to a younger crowd.

I spend more of my energy communicating with the higher vibrational beings now, usually during the daytime, and still in my dreams of course.  It’s a shift I’m very happy with.  Astral projection was fun, and ganking a demon was a kick, but my focus these days is on shifting the planet to love, peace, and harmony.  So I’m playing on a different field now.

People email me a lot asking how to astral project, and some of them believe they are really missing out on something if they can’t.  Honestly, you never need to experience an astral projection in order to have a great spiritual life.  However, astral projection is what helped me realize that our bodies are just shells and that our spirits do continue on without them.  I’m unafraid of dying partly because I know what it’s like to be disembodied and retain my full consciousness.  So if that’s important to you, keep at it.

I may never be in a full on battle with an astral demon again, but I’m keeping the sword around just in case. 😉

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