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Video Interview with Steve and Erin Pavlina

About a month ago Steve and I did an interview for the Alison and Jaye show.  Alison and Jaye are clients of mine from Dubai who are also raw foodists and very lovely people.  They were traveling through America and made a stop in to see us, so we decided to do an interview for their show.  They’ve posted that interview online, which is about 35 minutes long.  Watch the interview here:

Developing Psychic Abilities – An Interview with Erin and Steve Pavlina

This was my first filmed interview, and we had a lot of fun doing it.  I’ve been wanting to foray into more speaking and interviews, so between this interview and the radio show I did a few days ago, plus the workshop coming up in Vegas, I’m manifesting my goal nicely.  I can be a lot more expressive and connected with my audience by doing interviews and workshops, so that’s something I want to do continue doing.

Hope you enjoy!

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