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You Are Worthy of Love

This blog entry is a channeled session I had with my guides today.  They’ve asked me to share it with you…

You come from Love, but you do not remember.  Know this though:  There is nothing you need to be or do to be worthy of Love.  You simply need to remember who you are.  You are a loving conscious tendril of Source, an expression of thought and energy.  You are the embodiment of Love.  You are an explorer, here for a time, and then back you go to Source.

If you ever feel disconnected from Source, that is your own perception, for Source is never disconnected from you.  There is nothing you can do or be that will cause Source to disconnect from you.  That is impossible.  Forgiveness, understanding, and compassion are yours.  Always.  Can you remember this truth?

Do not judge yourself.  Do not fear the loss of Love.  It is impossible for you to be cut off from Love.  You are living in an illusion where you think you must act a certain way in order to gain Love.  There is no mountain to climb.  There is no goal to reach.  No approval you must seek.  You must only remember that you are loved. 

When you remember that you are loved, help others remember this too.  Help others see the connection you all share.  None of you are separate from any other.  You are all One.  Do not jockey for position.  Do not put others down.  Do not harm another’s connection with Source. 

Pierce the veil and see past the illusion.  All you have to do is be.  All you have to remember is Love.  Feel the connection in your heart and in your soul. 

Act from Love and you act in accordance with the Universe.  Where there is Love, you will glimpse Source.  Act from fear and you will feel disconnected from Source;  you will be led further into the illusion.  Do not give in to fear.  Reconnect with the truth of Love.  Reconnect with Source.

Take heart.   You are never alone.  You can always draw upon Universal Love.  Let it fill your soul.  Let it propel you to greater peace.  Do not struggle against the current.  Do not struggle at all.  Surrender to Love.

You are loved.  Always.  It cannot be any other way.  Do you yet remember?  Search your feelings and you will find the Truth.  Honor the feeling.  Honor the Truth.  Be One with Love.

You are always worthy of love.

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