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The Singing Mechanic

As mentioned in my audio program, Raising Your Vibration, singing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change your emotional state from negative to positive.  Singing is something you can do instantly.  Even if you’re vocally impaired or in a situation where singing would be inappropriate you could actually sing in your mind and it will have the same effect.  Singing can also raise the energy of the people around you.  I’ve seen it happen first hand.

I was at the mechanic’s shop getting my car repaired.  It was going to take a couple of hours so I decided to just sit in the waiting room and read a good book, a rare pleasure for me.

The television in the waiting room was on, but I was tuning it out.  There was an elderly couple in the waiting room with me.  The husband was slouched in his seat, eyes closed, arms crossed, and it looked like he was doing his best to nap in a really uncomfortable chair.

His wife was yabbering on about what was happening on the television which was playing the game show, The Price is Right.  Everything coming out of the woman’s mouth was negative though.

“Oh that guy was so stupid, I could have gotten that question right.”

“That model has really fat thighs.  Look at them, honey.”

Her husband would periodically crack an eye open, nod noncommittally, and go back to napping.  She kept at it, even during commercials.

“That restaurant has the worst food. I would never eat there.”

“That car constantly breaks down.  Those people are crooks to sell those cars.”

I never heard one positive thing come out of her mouth.  Her mouth never stopped moving and nothing positive was coming out of it.

After a short while, one of the mechanics came in to get some coffee.  He was humming and smiling.  I perked up for a second and smiled at him.  He smiled back, stirred his coffee, and walked back to the shop area.  I went back to reading.

The elderly lady went back to casting insults at the people on the television who couldn’t even hear her, and her husband tried to slip away unnoticed into naptown.

Another 30 minutes passed and the mechanic came back into the waiting room.  This time he came in singing a loud, cheerful song.  I put my bookmark in my book and set it down on a chair.

The mechanic made eye contact with me and said, “Hey there, young miss.  How are you this fine day?”

I replied with a smile, “Quite well, thank you.  How about yourself?”

He said, “Oh it’s a good day and I’m feeling fine.”  He started singing again.

The elderly man opened his eyes, sat up in his chair, and shook off his dazed look.

The mechanic said, “And how about you folks?  You doing alright?”  The elderly man nodded at the mechanic.  The woman crossed her arms and “hmphhed” in his general direction.

The mechanic shrugged and started singing again, then left to go back to his repairs.

Once he left the room I picked up my book and started reading again.  The elderly man said, “Nice fellow that guy was.”

The elderly woman said, “I found it really annoying that he was singing.  He’s not being paid to sing, he’s being paid to fix our car.  He should get back to it and stop messing around.”

The elderly man said, “Yes, dear” and went back to sleep.

After another short while, the mechanic came back, and yes, he was singing.  Only this time he was singing loudly and dramatically, with gestures, like he was in a Broadway play.  He wore a huge smile on his face and started dancing around a little too.

I was terribly amused.  The elderly man sat up in his seat and was openly smiling.

The elderly woman seemed stunned.  At first it seemed like she was going to say something nasty, but then she just shut her mouth and stared at the mechanic in apparent shock.  The mechanic kept singing and as he got to the end of his song, he knelt down right in front of the lady, held his arms out to her like he wanted to hug her, and finished his song.

The woman looked embarrassed, but after a moment her face cracked and she broke into a smile.  I could actually see tension leave her body as she relaxed into her new feeling.

The mechanic stood up and said, “What a beautiful smile you’ve got there.  Makes you glow!”  Now she was really smiling.  She reached out and touched him on the arm.  I thought it was a lovely connecting gesture.  The mechanic smiled and started whistling as he left the waiting room and went back to the shop.

I said to the couple, “That was fun!”

The elderly man said, “I like that guy.  He’s got something special.”

We both looked at the woman.  She said, “I suppose if you have to sit in a waiting room then having someone singing at you isn’t too bad.”

I think that was the closest she was going to get to a compliment.  I noticed after this little exchange that she stopped making negative comments about the people on the television.  She just grabbed a magazine and started reading it quietly.  After just a few minutes, she started humming.  I don’t even think she realized it.  And I’m sure she didn’t notice the smile tickling the corners of her mouth.

What could you do to raise someone’s vibration today?  Look around for someone in your office, school, community, or home who could use a little pick-me-up.  Don’t say a word, just start singing or humming around them and see what happens.  Hold your vibration, don’t let them bring you down.

You can raise the energy of a room simply by being in a high vibrational state.  Try it today and see.

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