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What is the point in recalling past lives?

Question:  Is there a point to recalling our past lives?  Do you feel it’s necessary to know what we were doing in a past life or how we died in order to live this life better?

Answer:  The answer to that question depends on what happened in your previous life and whether or not it’s affecting this one.

When I do readings, sometimes, but not always, the guides will show me details of a person’s previous life.  I know that when a past life is brought up during one of my readings that it’s because the previous life holds clues to something that’s challenging to my client in this life.  Otherwise, past lives don’t usually come up in my readings.

Past life recall can be a wonderful and interesting experience, so if you’re interested in what you were doing or who you were in a past life, by all means look into it.  Hypnosis is a good tool to recall past lives, a good psychic can tune in to your past lives, or you can even do it by yourself using various techniques and methods.  Look up Brian L. Weiss for more information on past lives or learn how to access your Akashic Record.

I want to reassure you, though, that you do not need to know about your past lives in order to achieve what you want in this one.  If remembering past lives was so crucial to success in this one, they would be a lot easier to recall.  You have access to all the information you could ever need about how to overcome life’s challenges and manifest your desires.  Your guides, higher self, the angels, and even Source directly can help you.  Or you can simply learn to hurdle your obstacles using good old fashioned truth, love, and power.

All that being said, sometimes a past life offers a definitive clue to something that’s keeping you stuck in this one.  Usually when past life information comes up in my readings, my client suffered an early death, (usually via murder, accident, or suicide), and didn’t get to complete the lessons they came to learn.  When this happens, you can carry over some of those lessons and pick them right back up in this life.  Think of it like a do-over or like repeating a course in college.  Life will give you another chance to complete the “course” you were taking in your previous “semester.” 

So if you’re feeling particularly stuck in this life or if you seem to keep attracting the same lessons over and over again, you may find a clue in a past life or you may not.  Your problem may simply have manifested in this life. 

Past life recall can definitely give you clues about fears you have in this life.  For example I can’t wear turtle necks, scarves, or choker necklaces thanks to being hung in a previous life.  I know people who are claustrophobic due to being buried alive in a previous life.  And I know a person who fear dogs today because they were hunted down and mauled by a group of them in a past life.  If you have unreasoning fears that don’t seem to pertain to anything that happened to you in this life, it definitely could have been a past life situation.

If you do decide to look into your past lives be sure not to give them too much power.  They can assist you by providing insight, but if you put too much energy into them you’ll forget what you’re doing in this life.  Pay attention to what’s going on now.

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