Demons, Entities, and Possession Oh My!

Demons Entities and Possession Oh My

Demons Entities and Possession Oh MyLately I’ve been receiving a lot of emails from people worried that they are being attacked by a demon or are being possessed or are being haunted. I’ve discovered there’s a lot of misinformation roaming around out there and some misconceptions about demons, possession, and negative entity attachments. So I think some education is in order.

First, some basic definitions:

Demon: A demon is a non-corporeal entity that has never been human (and never will be human) that lives on another plane of existence. Demons are evil sons-of-bitches that seek only to hurt and harm tasty folks like us. You don’t want to call a demon, play with a demon, or invite a demon to dinner. They’re bad news all the way around.

Possession: Possession happens when a demon gains entrance to our plane by hopping a ride on a human. They move the human’s soul aside and take up residence in the human’s body. Finding out that you are possessed by a demon is about the worst news you can ever get. Yes, it’s even worse than finding out your stock portfolio is now worth 10 cents. Possession is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Hauntings: Hauntings happen when a human dies and refuses to cross over and go into the light. They fight to stay on our plane but, without a body, they are fighting a losing battle. In order to stick around, they must siphon energy from a person or people to sustain themselves. So they attach themselves, usually to a place, and usually the place they died, and suck off the energy of whoever is currently living in the house or visiting. You are a tasty snack, even when you don’t shower. I know, it’s crazy right?

Negative Entity Attachment: An NEA is more serious than a haunting because the spirit that didn’t feel like crossing over attaches itself to one person and siphons their energy. So you could be at the mall, at your boyfriend’s house, or on the moon and they’re still going to stay stuck to you. It’s like they’ve got a hook in you and you’ve got a new friend for life. You don’t want an NEA. The people most susceptible to NEAs are emo teenagers. More on that in a bit. NEAs don’t usually possess you, they don’t have the strength. But they will drain your energy to a point where you could potentially be open to possession by a demon.

Low Vibrational Beings: If you do any sort of astral projecting, sleep paralysis, or advanced lucid dreaming, you may come across low vibrational beings (LVBs). These are beings that are not demons and are not human spirits that refused to cross over. They are simply other beings that are living on another plane who feed off fear energy, so when you inadvertently or on purpose cross into their world, they will attack you like piranha. You have only yourself to blame. It’s like going into the shark tank without a cage. You’re in their world. I don’t recommend stepping into those worlds if you can help it.

High Vibrational Beings: The flip side of the LVBs are the HVBs. You can step into other planes of existence that aren’t all fear related. You can step into realms where the beings there are super high vibration. Instead of being attacked you will be showered with love. This is a good thing! Go often, bring flowers, and be nice lest they kick you out.

So how do you know what you’re dealing with?

Demons: If you are being attacked by a demon you will develop severe mental impairments (true psychological causes MUST be ruled out before you jump on the “I’m possessed, help me please” bandwagon.) There will also be significant paranormal activity going on around you including items being thrown across the room, doors opening and closing by themselves, bad smells, and being physically attacked (scratched, thrown around, raped, slapped, etc.). Your personality will undergo a significant change (again, psychological causes must be ruled out), and your family and friends will know something horrible is going on with you. Seek the help of a priest or demonologist who has experience expelling demons. Run, don’t walk to your nearest professional.

True demon possession is extremely rare! Angels guard the entrance to our world and don’t let the demons cross into our plane. When it does happen, it’s because someone opens a door using their free will and invites the demon in. Some people think calling a demon into our realm is nifty and will make for an interesting Saturday night. These people are dumb, and are sure to be eaten first. 😉 People who are shamed into believing they are devil-spawn sometimes open themselves to possession because some overly religious parent or pastor tells them they are lower than dirt and need to be cleansed. It’s horrible. The demons wait for such openings. But again, true demon possession is almost impossible so don’t worry too much.

Hauntings: If you live in a haunted house you should find a medium or other professional trained to help the stubborn spirit move on. You can try cleansing your house using sage and ritual and white light, but if you’re not familiar with how these things work, you should hire a professional.

Negative Entity Attachments: In my practice, while doing readings, I have come across maybe 20 people who actually have a true negative entity attachment. There’s only one way to get rid of the NEAs: you must raise your vibration, keep it raised, and fall out of vibrational harmony with being someone’s snack. To use an analogy, attracting an NEA is like spreading honey on your body and laying down near an ant hill. If you don’t want the ants crawling all over you, wash the honey off your body and stay away from the ant hill. An NEA is only there with your consent, so once you cut the cords, you will be free. People most susceptible to an NEA are people in the vibration of guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and depression, and to a lesser extent, people in the vibration of anger and pride. An NEA can’t feed off someone in the vibration of love, joy, compassion, gratitude, etc. You can release an NEA yourself or you can utilize the help of a professional like myself or anyone in the energy healing arena. If you keep your NEA, you will eventually be so physically and energetically drained that you will either want to commit suicide or you will fall into a deep depression. I should mention here that technically demons and low vibrational entities also qualify as NEAs, but the solution is the same. Raise your vibration!

Low Vibrational Beings: If you are going to swim with the sharks, for heaven’s sake protect yourself! If you astral project take your guides with you, surround yourself with white light, and go in with a high vibration, not fear. If you are being bothered by low vibrational beings call out to the angels for help. They will help you; it’s part of their job description.

High Vibrational Beings: You’ll know it’s an HVB you’re dealing with because you will feel love pouring into you. Pure and simple. It’s like being snuggled and rocked by your mom in her big fluffy bathrobe while eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Not to be missed.

I hope that clears things up a little bit. The best way to avoid being bothered by negative, energy-sucking baddies is to make sure your vibration is high. It’s like closing the screen door so they can’t get into your house. If they do make it in, zap ’em with your electric fly swatter or show them out humanely. But never, ever, feed them after midnight! 😉

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