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Can you sell your soul to the devil?

Selling your soul to the devilQuestion: Is it possible for people to sell their soul to the Devil? If so, why would someone do that? And how would they go about getting the Devil’s attention? Do people really burn in Hell for eternity when they sell their soul?

Answer: Selling your soul to the Devil sure is an interesting concept. What would you sell your soul for? What is worth eternal hellfire and damnation? A few decades of wealth, fame, and power? Really?

Selling your soul to the Devil is impossible because He doesn’t exist, so don’t stand at the crossroads and bury your photo with a chicken bone waiting for the Devil to arrive with a contract and a pen with bloody ink. It’s not going to happen.

However, you can sellout your soul, so let’s talk about that. When you decide that your personal goals are more important than your soul, you start to take actions that may not be aligned with the highest good of the people around you. You might be willing to lie, cheat, steal, or worse to get what you want, believing you deserve it, or because you simply don’t care about negative consequences or harming others. In that case, you are selling your soul, but not to the Devil. You’re disconnecting from Oneness to nab resources from the Body of Humanity in a way that will likely deplete the Whole. And when you do that, you can expect the Body of Humanity to attempt to eject you for the good of all.

When you sell your soul, you begin racking up karmic debt that must be paid back, not with punishment, but with understanding. Some people might call that hell or damnation so, to that extent, selling your soul could result in a hellish experience on earth or in the afterlife. You must pay the price for your actions. When you contribute to the Body of Humanity and work in alignment with Oneness, you are rewarded with more resources. When you steal from the Body of Humanity and disconnect from Divine Love, you are cast out, isolated, and ejected. Some people are okay with that, and that’s fine. But balance will win out in the end.

Before you decide to sell your soul, please consider what you’re selling it for. Is it wealth, fame or power? All of these can be had by contributing to humanity. It might seem easier in the short run to take instead of give, but in the end the rewards for contribution are happiness, oneness, and connection. The “rewards” for selling your soul are not nearly as pleasant. But it’s your choice. Always has been, always will be. Choose your path wisely.

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