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Communicating with the Amargosa Ghost

Ever since I posted the series on my Amargosa Hotel Paranormal Investigation, I’ve received a lot of email from people asking why we didn’t just try to help the dark spirit cross over. I’ve also received communication from no less than 2 dozen people who have initiated contact with the guy in an attempt to communicate with him from afar. And I’m hearing the same information coming from just about everyone. Let’s talk about this guy in a little more depth. Since he hasn’t given a true name and I don’t want to publically reveal what he prefers to be called, I’m going to refer to him as AG (Amargosa Ghost).

During the investigation I made contact with AG in Spooky Hollow. I picked up on some of his crimes, the name he liked to be called, and I was shown some of his daily activities while he was alive. I also began to receive information about his past and childhood. I did not reveal specifics of what I picked up so that other intuitives have something to use for validation if/when they attempt communication with him. But from the communication I received, it seems like most people are right on target with what I picked up.

There is a tendency to feel sorry for the spirit because of the trouble he experienced in his childhood, but we must remember that he made a choice to model that behavior and use his energy to control, dominate, hurt, terrorize, and even kill others. Chances are good that he has not crossed over because he fears judgment. He probably believes he is going to Hell for his crimes. And if you believed that, how quickly would you rush to cross over?

It’s also important to note that AG lies. He lies to feed off energy. It’s no accident that he keeps his name a secret. I believe he also does not reveal exactly how he died. The first time I encountered him, when I was doing the Criss Angel shoot, he was stringing us along as we asked him questions, changing his story as he went, making up crazy details about events, and causing a great deal of confusion. I don’t know for certain if he had the sad upbringing that many of us are picking up or if it’s a ploy to get sympathy.

Many of the people who wrote to me complained of getting severe headaches after speaking with him. Now why do you suppose that would happen? Opening yourself up to an energy that NEEDS your energy in order to stay earthbound is bound to cause a headache and other ailments. He’s siphoning your energy. You’re feeding him. It’s vital that if and when you communicate with a spirit that you protect your energy first. How do you do that?

First, surround yourself with white light energy from the Universe/God/Source, etc.

Second, ask Archangel Michael to protect you and your energy while you communicate with the spirit.

Third, try not to feel sympathy or compassion while you’re in communication with the spirit – remain objective. You can allow yourself to feel for him later when you’re not in direct communication.

Fourth, before you start communicating, make sure you are in a super high vibration. Do not even attempt to communicate with AG or anyone like him if your dominant energy is shame, guilt, depression, fear, anxiety, or anger.

Fifth, make sure if you start to feel influenced, overly emotional, or physically drained, that you sever communication with the entity.

And lastly, when you are done communicating with the spirit, shut the door. Be firm. “Thank you for your time. We are done now. Goodbye.” And use white light energy to protect yourself and shield yourself as you shut down communication. If you still feel the spirit around you, firmly tell it to go away. If it won’t, ask Archangel Michael to see it to the door.

So why don’t we just help AG cross over?

Helping any spirit cross over means opening a door for them, calling in the angels, holding a loving space for them, and convincing them that it’s in their best interest to cross over. I’m certain other mediums have tried to help AG cross. Fear is powerful though, and he is really resistant. I’ve encountered a lot of spirits that refuse to cross over. I’ve been lucky enough to do readings for repeat clients who have relatives who weren’t crossed over when I first read for them but have since crossed over. The way it was explained to me is that the angels took the person back to a time when they felt loved, and that’s when they were able to get through to them that they needn’t fear judgment or punishment on the other side. I’m not sure AG has any happy memories he can dwell upon for that to happen.

Please do not try to help AG cross over unless you have a lot of experience helping spirits cross over. It can be dangerous to the untrained. If helping spirits cross over appeals to you, start with the suicides, not the murderers. Start with those hanging around waiting for justice to be served or those who are lost but would like to cross over.

AG gets around. He follows energetic connections from one person to another. Someone told me they were too frightened of AG to finish reading my entire account. Do not give this person your fear energy. You are living, he is deceased. You should not live in fear of the dead. They only have the power you give them. Be firm with your boundaries. He can’t hurt you unless you cower before him and give him permission.

I’ve also heard of some people trying to contact him in dreams. That’s fine if you are strong willed in your dreams and you vibrate at a high frequency like love, joy, and gratitude. Otherwise I wouldn’t give him access to your mind at night. That’s a big mistake in my opinion. If you must communicate with him, do it during the day, in the daylight, while you are awake.

I would love to see AG cross over. Send him love energy and best wishes on his journey. And let’s hope for the best.

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