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Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

Are you a vibrational match for success? Think about a major goal you’re trying to achieve. Then ask yourself if there are any fears associated with succeeding at this goal. Think hard. Really think it through. Imagine you’ve achieved your goal. Think about all the things that go along with it. Will there be notoriety? Can you handle that? Will there be tons of extra money? Can you handle that? Will there be more responsibility? More work? Longer hours? Less social life? More headaches? Have you thought about all the repercussions and ramifications of achieving your goal?

What happens if your success comes with a price you’re not willing to pay? Do you think you’re going to succeed at your goal? Or will you start to sabotage yourself?

About 8 years ago I was sitting at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. Our leader called up a woman who had reached her first weight loss goal which was 10% of her starting weight. She asked this woman to share tips related to her success. It was wonderful and we all clapped. The next week when I weighed in, the lady checking me in said, “Wow, you’re only .4 pounds to your 10% weight loss goal. You’ll get there by next week at the rate you’re going, and then you’ll be the one sharing your weight loss tips with the group!” You think I would have been happy. But instead, there was a feeling of panic in my gut. Share my success tips? In front of the group? You mean, like, get up in front of an audience and speak? I’d rather die. So what did I do? After the meeting I went out for fast food. And all during that week I “slipped up” on my diet. When I went back a week later I had gained a pound. No public speaking for me! Although I continued working the program, I never reached my 10% goal. Every time I got close, I started eating poorly.

What happened? My fear of public speaking was greater than my desire to lose weight. I was no longer a vibrational match for succeeding at my weight loss goal. It might seem silly, but my fear of public speaking was too great. And I couldn’t see a way out of having to speak.

Have you ever sabotaged your success because there was a part of your goal you were afraid of, weren’t ready for, or couldn’t handle?

If you’re having trouble reaching a goal start asking yourself this question: “What is it about achieving this goal that I don’t actually want?” It’s vital to ask yourself this question because it will help you uncover beliefs that may or may not actually be true, and it will help you work around potential pitfalls.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say you’re working at a 9-5 job that you hate, and you have a goal of working for yourself. You know it will give you more freedom and potentially more income. You definitely want that. You talk about it with friends. You design a company logo or a website. You even have business cards made. But weeks and months go by and you haven’t actually launched your business or quit your job. What’s stopping you?

There’s something in your goal that is not a vibrational match for you. Maybe it’s fear, “What if no one buys what I’m selling?” Maybe your infrastructure is not in place, “I only have savings to last one month. I can’t launch and succeed at a business in just one month!” Or maybe you don’t think you can handle the work you know you’ll have to do, “Am I really ready to be a life coach for others?”

Whatever it is, it’s going to trip you up, and you will not succeed at your goal. So what do you do?

First determine exactly what you’re afraid of. Write it down. Make a list.

Second, analyze those fears. Cross off the ones that just aren’t true.

Third, mitigate the fears that are real. If you really do require more education, go get it. If you really don’t have enough savings, set up a savings account and start pumping funds into it. If you have a great service but suck at marketing, go learn marketing. Do everything you can to reduce your risks and increase your chances of succeeding.

Fourth, make sure your goal will really make you happy. Maybe the reason you want to start your own business is because you hate your boss and think you could do things better. But maybe the truth is that security is more important to you than freedom and you just need to work for a better boss. Will your goal really make you happy? Or will it just create new problems for you?

If you’re truly a vibrational match for success, it will come. If you’re not making progress on your goal and you seem to keep slipping up, back sliding, or getting delayed, then there is something about your goal you don’t want. Get honest with yourself or you’ll stay stuck.

Once you ARE a vibrational match for that goal, it will come easily and effortlessly because you won’t be sabotaging your own success.

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