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How to Align Your Career With Your Life Purpose

If God handed you a microphone and told you that you had two minutes to speak to the entire world, what would you say? What would you want people to know, think, believe, hear or understand? You only have two minutes to get your message heard. What words would come out of your mouth?

Whatever you would say in those two minutes is a huge clue to your life purpose. Your life purpose is not your career or your job, but you can certainly align the two. Your life purpose is the message you would give to the world if the whole world was listening to you. Do you know what you’d say? What would you talk about?

Do this exercise: Make a list of the things you want to say to the world. Don’t censor or filter anything right now. Just make a long list of everything you’d like to say to the population of planet Earth. Here are some examples to get you thinking…

  • Be excellent to each other
  • You are loved
  • You are never alone
  • Be kind
  • Treat others with respect
  • Be compassionate
  • Everyone deserves food, clothing, and shelter
  • You are more powerful than you realize
  • You come from God
  • You are beautiful
  • We are all connected
  • You are more than enough

Now look at your list and figure out which of the items on your list is the most important one to you. Which one really burns in your belly, aches in your gut, fires up your heart? Which of the things you’ve written down do you feel would seriously have the most impact if people listened, believed, and acted upon?

The other items on your list may be important to you too, but just pick the one you would pick if some mighty supreme being told you that you could only pick one.

Now, write that down on the top of a piece of paper, and write or type up an explanation of your concept such that if you gave it as a speech it would last roughly two minutes.

For example:

We are all connected
If we could but understand that we are all cells in the Body of Humanity we would not attack the other cells. We would not hurt them, kill them, poison them, ignore them when they are in need. If we could see that we are all One, and that we are all connected, we would help each other grow, we would share food and resources, we would heal those who are suffering. We would strive together to ensure the happiness and well-being of the Whole. When one cell is suffering, we would aid it. When one cell was thriving, we would applaud it. We would not hurt others because doing so would only hurt ourselves.

You get the idea. Write your two minute speech to the world on the topic you chose above.

Your life purpose is tied in to this concept. Now it’s time to get practical. What are you supposed to do with this concept? The answer is to align your path with your concept. Now you can start determining how your life purpose and career intertwine.

Let’s say your life purpose is related to the concept of “You are more powerful than you realize.” What could you do to help people realize this while also getting paid?

Here are just a few ideas off the top of my head. You could become:

  • a life coach – helping people get past blocks and fears and giving them tools to achieve success
  • a healer – helping people use their own energy to heal their bodies
  • a fiction writer – writing about characters who discover they are more powerful than they initially realized
  • a teacher – helping young people access their talents and intellect
  • a minister – helping people realize the power of prayer
  • a motivational speaker – inspiring and motivating people towards personal growth
  • an intuitive counselor – helping people get realigned with their life purpose
  • a book publisher – publishing books that inspire and help people grow
  • a career counselor – helping people enter fields that are aligned with their life purpose
  • a sports coach – helping people improve their physical abilities beyond what they dreamed possible
  • a software engineer – designing software that helps people grow and improve
  • a personal trainer – pushing people to achieve physical fitness goals that will make them healthier
  • a physical therapist – helping people adapt to life-changing injuries that threaten to keep them down
  • a parent – helping your children understand themselves and go after their dreams

And the list goes on and on. You don’t have to actually stand on a stage and speak your message. You can live your message. Spend your day putting into the world what you feel is most important. That is your life purpose.

So figure out what you most want to see in the world, and align your career path towards it. You may have a huge impact or a small one, but whatever you do will send ripples of positive energy through the Body of Humanity. And that’s good for everyone, because we’re all connected.

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