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Do we have to incarnate again?

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Transcript of the Video:
Hello and welcome to another episode of “Ask Erin Pavlina.” Today’s question comes from Linamon. “Can a person choose not to incarnate again? If they choose not to incarnate, where do they stay?”

When you are in the ether, which is where you are before you choose to incarnate, you are the one who makes the decision about whether or not you’re going to come back to Earth in a human body. Nobody can force you to incarnate again. It’s definitely your choice, and if you don’t want to incarnate, you don’t have to.

What happens is, when you feel like you’re ready to experience life again or if you feel like you have something that you want to come back here to teach people, then you will choose to incarnate again and you will find a suitable host – a suitable family who will help you learn the lessons that you intend to learn and to have the experiences you’d like to have. You choose them and you incarnate again, and that could be anywhere from ten years after your last life to a hundred to maybe even a thousand years after your last life. Nobody determines for you whether you will incarnate or not, so rest assured if you decide you do not want to come back here, you don’t have to come back.

Where do people go if they choose not to incarnate? Where do they stay? You’re pretty much staying in the afterlife experience, what I call the ether, where you are an energetic being, and you continue to have experiences and interactions with other beings so it’s not like you’re just sitting around watching TV all day or watching what’s going on on planet Earth. You’re not stuck there, and you’re not in some kind of heaven that’s really really boring after a thousand years.

There are experiences that happen in the afterlife that you get to experience, and interact with other people and you get to share your energy and there’s a lot of love on the other side and it’s a nice place to be. If you choose not to incarnate, you’re going to be fine and you’re probably going to enjoy yourself quite a bit in the afterlife, so definitely not something to worry about. Good question.

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